Star Wars Book Review: Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void

May 21, 2015

DawnOfTheJediIntoTheVoidCoverDawn of the Jedi: Into the Void

Written by: Tim Lebbon

After attending Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, I realized I have never read any of the books on Star Wars. Yes I have seen the movies, but I like to read, so I looked into it! I found myself drawn to the Legends books. Of course I had to start from the beginning and that’s where this book comes in. Dawn of the Jedi takes place 25,793 years before the Battle of Yavin. That would make it in the era before the Republic.

On the Planet Tython we meet two children brought up by Je’Daii parents. Their names are Lanoree and Dalien Brock. They grow up very close siblings until their teenage days when they have to go on a special journey. This journey is the beginning of the Je’Daii ways. First stop on this great journey is at Qigong Kesh. Which is the Temple of the Force skills. Here they are trained by Master Ter’cay. This is where the Force and the Master using telepathy can not reach Dalien. Lanoree was warned by her parents before this journey to watch Dalien, as they already feared that he would not be skilled in the Force.

Along the way the two siblings make two more stops. One at Stav Kesh which is the Temple of Martial Arts, and the final stop is at Anil Kesh the Temple of Science. Within the journey of these stops we get to see these two grow apart. As Lanoree starts to excel at everything thrown at her, Dalien starts to grow his hatred towards the force and becomes darker then ever. At Anil Kesh we meet Master Dam Powl who claims Lanoree will be her greatest pupil to date. This is where Dalien resists anything to do with the force, killing someone and running off into the Old City. As Lanoree chases after her brother, she finally catches up to him to find out he has died. Or has he?


Lanoree finally becomes a Je’Daii and is summoned to the Council. Here she gets orders to go find her brother who is believed to be alive and is leading the Stargazers. He has control of a Hypergate, which can use dark matter and end an entire system. What happens next is a great cat and mouse chase across the Galaxy which visits many different locations. Bringing the book to a great crescendo of an ending.

I absolutely loved this book. Tim Lebbon jumps back in forth in the storytelling. Going from their childhood and their great journey. To the chase in the Galaxy. He has a great imagination and his detail of the people and monsters that are encountered are just superb. It was fun reading about more people in this great universe that George Lucas had started. This is for Star Wars fans and a must read to learn about things that happened before the Republic.


I am hooked on these books. I will be continuing my reading with the next book in the timeline called “Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories” by John Jackson Miller.

Until my next review… May The Force be With You!

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