Star War’s Rogue One Trailer 2 is worthy of a Gold Medal

Aug 12, 2016

Wether you have any interest in the 2016 summer olympic games in Rio, many tuned in last night to see the long awaited second trailer from Star Wars: Rogue One the first anthology film as part of Disney’s Star War’s stories film brand.  As highly applauded as the first Rogue One teaser was, it succeeded best at raising questions, discussion, and overall interest in a film full of unknown Star Wars characters. The second tailer takes an entirely different approach to the same level of success.

Rather than revealing too much about the characters we have been discussing, the second trailer sets up the film tonally.  We get the immense since of Dread the Empire is casting throughout the galaxy through the sprawling shots of imperial vehicles, as well as an unsettling version of the infamous imperial march on a piano.  While this era of the immediate rise of the Empire post Revenge of the Sith has been covered in books, comics, and even on Disney’s Star Wars Rebels their is something more terrifying seeing it come to life through the emotions of world class actors throughout the Star Wars galaxy.

Rogue One hit’s theaters December 16th 2016

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(Source: Star Wars You Tube Page)

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