Stephen’s Best of 2014 List

Dec 17, 2014

Being new to Geeks with Wives you may only know me as the resident Cosplay Builder, I love more than just cosplay and you will see that here with my “Best Of 2014” List! When I am not at work I spend all of my free time either reading comics, playing games, building costumes or watching new shows. As you read my list you may find that it contains some of the same opinions that Casey and Everett already shared, if you have not read each of their list I highly recommend it!


Best TV Show of the Year: The FlashThe Flash banner

When you start talking about the “Best” TV show of 2014 so many names start to come up. If you are a superhero lover, like myself, you know that this was the year of the comic book! Between shows like Gotham and Agents of SHIELD we have seen beginnings and endings, without a doubt the winner for the the best beginning is CW’s The Flash. The Flash is my Favorite show of 2014, hands down, for several reasons.


  • The Story- rings very true to the comic origins
  • The Cast- each member adds a lot of dynamic to the show, making it better each episode
  • The Effects- Not at all cheesy, like I had originally feared, this show is giving us heros and villians in a way that no other has before.
  • The Mystery- Each episode is fulfilling and yet leaves me asking more questions!
  • The Costumes- again one thing I originally feared to see, however after the first episode Istarted planning a new cosplay.


The CW has done a great job of not only bring the Flash to life but creating a continuity that easily flows from the Arrow, giving us a well balanced experience with both!

*Runner Up: Constantine


Best Movie of the Year: Guardians of the Galaxyguardian-of-the-galaxy-poster1

This comes as no shock. Everett and Casey both did a great job telling you why its the best for them, for me its the best in a different way. Unlike them, and some of you, I had NEVER heard of these so called “Guardians” and their leader “Star-Lord” before. This movie took the box office by storm and created a love for these new characters. Since it has come out I have started reading new and old comics about them and can say that i love the guardians even more now! Marvel kills it again and all we have to say about that is, “We are Groot.”

*Runner Up: Big Hero 6 (Don’t Judge)


Best Game of the Year: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix911khmDJL3L._SL1500_

Ok, before you start saying this is not “New,” I need to stop you. All things KH related are fantastic and fun, having the HD 2.5 Remix released in North America is something I’ve been looking forward to. Getting final cuts of both KHII and KH Birth by sleep for the first time in North America, we are experiencing the games again like its the first time. Who could complain about having remastered HD cutscenes and overall improved graphics?

*Runner Up: Disney Infinity 2.0




Knightmage in his Angel Spawn Cosplay, He made those wings by hand!

Best Cosplay of the Year: Michael “Knightmage” Wilson

For those that don’t know, Knightmage has been a voice of true inspiration and dignity within the cosplay community since the beginning. This man builds more costumes in one week than I have done in a year! You may have seen a mind blowing John Stewart, Luke Cage, The Tick, Blade, or Spawn (among many others) and not realized you just saw the amazing work of Knightmage. The thing that sets Michael apart from other cosplayers is his heart, he does everything he can for charity and gives any chance he gets! I not only look upto him as a mentor but also as a friend.


(Click to see full size image)

*Runner Up: Elendriel Alastair as Ronan The Accuser




Best Comic of the Year: Spider-Verse EventSpiderverse1

So if you thought Everett cheated when he used a whole event as his “Best Of” for comics, you will think I cheated too. Not only do I agree with his best of for comics I also agree with his runner up! The Spider-verse event is one of my favorite comics events that I have ever read. Dan Slott has given us a world with every spider incarnation that we could ever hope and dream for. i enjoy the story line almost as much as i enjoy seeing all of the different costumes that I could create as a cosplay. Thank you Dan, just try not to kill of all of my favorites.

*Runner Up: Injustice: Year Two-Three


Most Anticipated Geek Event of 2015: Batman: Arkham Knightkeyfull-9237457203_large

As much as I want to pick Avengers or Star Wars for most anticipated, I just cant. Instead I will go with the game that had me drooling over myself from the first teaser. Batman: Arkham Knight promises to be the game that gotham needs, no, the game it deserves. Since the beginning these games have been the all time best superhero game ever made. Stunning graphics, fluid mechanics and nods to the comics throughout make this the game for any Batman lover. I simply can not wait for this game to consume my life.

*Runner Up: Avengers: Age of Ultron


If this was how awesome 2104 was I look forward to how incredible the new year will be.