Stranded on Death Row – The Ladies of Rage

Aug 3, 2022


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Golden Rage # 1 Cover

The phrase only the good die young is often tragically reflected; it could be worse. Now, before anyone gets upset, take a moment to consider the meaning of “good”. What if instead of the philosophical/theological meaning, it refers to a physical state. What is the phrase saying then? Image Comics new series Golden Rage examines this as well as what it says about society. No Today’s Show Smucker’s Jar for the woman in this story. Instead they are seeing Red, like Satomi.

Golden Rage # 1

Image Comics

Words: Chrissy Williams
Art: Lauren Knight
Colours: Sofie Dodgson
Flats; Shayne Hannah Chu
Letters/Design: Becca Carey

Golden Rage opens with scenery that fits its title – Chaos. Lightning crashes, an old woman cries. The opening lyrics to Live’s Lightning Crashes, are the best description for the frenzy of action Jan witnesses on her arrival to an unfamiliar island – women, sisters battling tooth and “unpolished” nails. As for the next line in Live”s song – her placenta – that is partially why Jan has come to her “home”. Writer Chrissy Williams explores a current, and controversial concept in a way that is completely creative. What does it mean to be a woman? Or more specifically, if we ASSume we have the definition, what do we do with those that don’t fit. The society of this story has the solution – it copies what we do with the other “bad” people.

There is no locking them away and throwing away the key; instead of holding them hostage the ladies of this reality get a hostile home. Barbie, Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys. Yes, looking at things this way seems reductive. If you find this type of thinking, the idea that women are toys or playthings, to be offensive then Golden Rage may not be the story for you. Put down the comics and get back to the real world; where women have nothing to worry about.

Thankfully, the story is not completely about domineering and demeaning women. Though Jan narrates the story, it is the company she finds that informs the reader of what and where we are – since Jan seems unclear on some details. The sisterhood consists of a cast that covers a few of the phenomenal female forms. Lottie, Bean and Rosie are each diverse, offering humor and an openness; each worth more gold.

The art in the issue is gripping; Sofie Dodson coloring gives it a grueling, gruesome feel. Lauren Knight keeps this from being a comical conversation – each woman we meet is an individual. No cookie cutters here.

Golden Rage # 1 barely bats an eye and I’m already hooked. How does the determination and relocation occur? Jan’s confusion throughout the issue hints the sentencing occurs without a fair trial. And who are the judges? Is there a similar island for fans for Pfizer? Also, the closest a male may ever come to Jan’s situation is getting told “I cheated, go get checked.” This issue uses Jan’s words to highlight her violation – which would also involve HIPPA Laws. Imagine the indignity of this upheaval.

Golden Rage # 1 gives readers only a portion of what is a much larger story, but there is still lots to talk about. Women in a society that shames, scorns and then shuttles them away. But then again modern society needs productive, not UN-reproductive members.

Ladies, don’t make that face. You seem made. Come on and show us that pretty smile.

Golden Rage is a callback to a legendary lady. One who shows what happens when the “Fairer aren’t treated Fair”.

Score: 9.0