Krakoa’s Angels

May 23, 2022


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Legion of X # 1 Cvr

In terms of substance and evidence, Krakoa is a new testament of the faith of the mutant species. And while no one expected a completely pious existence for everyone, there is a much greater sense of disillusionment than the leaders of Krakoa anticipated. Nightcrawler, David Haller and The Legion of X are there to ensure decency and civility exist on Krakoa. However, will this squad be enough when threats arrive disrupting the island’s tranquility and offering false divinity.

Legion of X # 1
“Do What Thou Wilt”

Marvel Comics

Writer: Si Spurrier
Artist: Jan Bazaldua
Color Artist: Federico Blee
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

I have to admit I was not expecting the Arakki to be such a civil society – with their history being a story of war and enslavement. Yes, that thinking is REDUCTIVE!, Ora. As Ora Serrata scolds and schools Kurt, who travels to Mars – at it’s Regent’s request, on the fact that the use of a duel is but one way for the Arakki to “challenge a notion”. I can relate to the zeal and passion to “delve” into all one encounters – to claim philosophy as king. But even “dieties” must accept challenge, says the Fourth Light of the Great Ring. Of all the info-pages I have read during the Krakoan Era, the Utterance From the Seat of History has been the most “eye-opening”. If there be idols to worship for the Arakki, they best be less concerned with being seen as ideal and more with not being viewed as idle.

Joining with Knights of X and X-Men Red, Legion of X # 1 introduces an Arakki to the core lineup. The Weaponless Zsen’s immediate reaction to Nightcrawler was very similar to Cerise and Stacy-X . With a power that appears to not only compel the first of the Inward Watch to seek the truth but also speak it, Kurt may realize heaven can wait but Weaponless Zsen won’t. After questioning Kurt’s own renouncement of his vows, I only hope Zsen fulfils her oath first and is not tempted.

The major moment that opens the issue is a reunion I have long anticipated – something I will call the Song of Ruth. Devotion is also a major cornerstone of faith so hearing David’s words reflect his is finally being rewarded. It’s interesting to see Legion in this particular light. For so long it looked as if he was in need of an exorcism, but now David seems to have found his Zen. The charka spectrum of colors Federico Blee chose makes the Altar area of Legion’s mind feel euphoric. And all too inviting. Any issues, David?

A Kiss from a Ruth on the Astral Plane – Legion of X # 1

Legion of X # 1 isn’t a total Sunday service – there is a social justice component as well. The struggle for recognition and respect has been long, and there are past pains still to heal. Spurrier introduces each member’s purpose in the corps through dual investigations. A 2nd Law violation sends a patrol The Green Lagoon. ForgetMeNot brings subtle while Juggs is there for a show of strength. I sense an interesting dynamic beginning between Juggernaut and …what, but it was only Cain who I saw take down Paulie. Just look at him, Jan Bazaldua leaves no doubt that nothing can stop him…now, confuse you say?

A Juggernaut runs into a bar and no one could stop him. Legion of X # 1

The other case is a possession with intent, which breaks the 3rd Law. By employing Lost as a counselor we get to see Marinette use the experiences as a survivor to counsel Spike. Pixie seems to be there for calming and sedation, but with all this talk of religion I can only wonder how addictive pixie dust really is. Together with Dr. Nemesis they are on the trail of a mutant who goes by the name of “The Skinwalker”. So far this individual’s antics seem juvenile but Kurt isn’t taking any chances. Mutants are free to explore and find themselves but we can’t have bedlam running about, now can we?

Despite what we commonly believe, peace and harmony are not easy to achieve. Nor is there a shortcut to serenity. Nightcrawler hasn’t ompletely abandoned the “Way of X” but with David’s help he hopes to allow each mutant the chance to find their spark. Still, whether it is facing exaltation, lamentation or revelation the Legion of X seems equipped to protect what Krakoa truly is – a celebration, jubilation.

Score: 9.0