“Suki’s Voice Assistant Integrates with Epic’s EHR System, Reducing Doctor’s Administrative Burden”

May 17, 2023


Clinical voice AI startup Suki has integrated its voice assistant with Epic’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, the largest US EHR system. Suki’s AI-powered voice assistant can collect and transcribe notes and patient conversations, and it can fill out EHRs, reducing the time that doctors spend on paperwork. The integration will enable any doctor using Epic to access Suki’s assistant through the HIPAA-compliant Suki mobile app, reducing the administrative burden and clinician burnout. Suki has already partnered with major EHR players, but Epic’s integration could lead to a significant increase in adoption by medical professionals. Suki has raised $95m to fuel its growth, and it competes with other healthcare conversational AI startups like Abridge and Notable.