Sun and sacrifice – Saint Death (Book review)

Nov 19, 2015

A1QgF8x+F2LWritten by – Devan Sagliani

When Dave convinces his friend Zack that he needs to forget his troubles and spend spring break in Mexico with him, Zack reluctantly agrees. It couldn’t do him any harm, could it? Well Devan Sagliani takes us on an unforgettable holiday with these two in the ‘to the point’ titled Saint Death.

The storyline is mainly focused around two long-time friends, the before mentioned Dave and Zack. Zack, who is the more level-headed of the two, is hurting from a break up with his girlfriend and taking life too seriously in the opinion of Dave, who is a much more free-spirited person with little care in the world. Plus he has a lot of money in to help him forget (or to simply pretend they don’t exist). So Dave being the good (if not sometimes misguided) buddy that he is, uses some of his fortune to send the pair of them to the resort of Cabos San Lucas during spring break so they can blow away the misery. After all what could be better than plenty of sun, alcohol and plenty of college girls to banish the memory of Zack’s ex-girlfriend? Sounds like fun, right? Well if that was the case then the title of this story would have been a little deceiving, wouldn’t it?

Well what they didn’t account for was the terrifying world of kidnapping, cartels, human sacrifices and corrupt police. For the reader this is when the story comes alive and starts to take shape as we’re shown a totally different side to what, from the outside, seems like such a great destination. I’ll admit, when I starting reading I was trying to find a rhythm in the story, a sense of direction, but once you realise where the author wants to take you it becomes an intense ride. Halfway through I thought that I knew where the story was heading but I was caught off guard by a curve ball, which only helped to sustain my interest, but I won’t spoil it for you.

I will say I have one slight negative, which also doubles as a positive, about Saint Death. Just when I wanted a few more chapters to pull me along it was over, dropping me from the ledge it had taken me to. I felt annoyed that there was no extra twist or turn for the characters, but that must’ve meant that I enjoyed it. And how times have we read stories that took too long to get to the point? So in saying that… I will make mine. Sagliani in writing Saint Death has opened up a world that reveals the darkness that exists in the souls of individuals, showing that certain beliefs can be brutal and people can be turned by money or power. One thing I can say for sure… Now I have been introduced to the world of Santa Muerte I will never think of spring break the same again!


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