Supergirl is Crossing Through The DCTV Multiverse

Jan 12, 2016


It was recently reported that talks of a Flash/Green Arrow/Supergirl crossover could very well happen sooner rather than later. According to this Screen Rant article,, the producers, most notably Greg Berlanti, said that there have been informal talks of a crossover. However, nothing has been made official. But, the wheels have certainly begun to turn.


It is no longer a question of “if” but “when”. If you’ve listened to the Scene N Nerd podcast you’ve heard me say, since Supergirl debuted on CBS, that a crossover was inevitable. The showrunners can throw up all the smoke screens they want. But, what you must remember is how they’ve always said that there are no plans “right now”. I mean, come on, do you really think the showrunners are going to spill their guts in an interview or on a podcast. No, no they aren’t. But, I’m glad they are playing this game with us. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be fun to speculate about. We will always be teased and they will always deny. Do I need to remind everyone how Jason Momoa consistently shot down rumors he was Aquaman or Paul Rudd denied that he was Ant-Man. I think you catch my drift.

imageThe same team running Arrow and The Flash are behind Supergirl. If you had to bridge the shows with one character bringing everyone together then it’s Barry Allen. The Flash and Supergirl are very similar in tone and we’ve already seen Flash and Green Arrow, successfully, team up twice. So, watching Barry break the ice between Kara and Oliver makes perfect sense and would be fun to watch. Honestly, that’s the easy part.

Can you imagine watching a conversation between Kara, Barry and Oliver? Whether it’d be in the “Arrow Cave” (thanks Cisco), S.T.A.R. Labs or at CatCo I think we’d all be fangirling or fanboying like crazy and don’t even get me started if The Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl are all suited up and get a little help from the Martian Manhunter. Yup, call it in because I’d be dead if that happened. So much Justice League, SO MUCH! Well, kind of. Okay, I digress.

imageI don’t really see a problem with all these shows coexisting. Quite honestly, the hardest part might be just timing for the people working on and in these shows. Everyone has their hands full with the second half of these seasons just about to get going. Not to mention Legends of Tomorrow is about to kickoff and will demand even more attention. But, as the article also stated, there’s also a possibility that Supergirl could be hinted at in ‘Legends’ as well. If there’s any mention of Kara in Legends of Tomorrow then all bets are off.

Another thing to think about is the who the villain could be that would bring these three heroes together. Who’s powerful enough and who will DC/WB allow? You’d also have to level the playing field somehow, for obvious reasons. But, I also think the showrunners could easily take a queue from what transpires in ‘Batman v Superman’. That blueprint will be front and center come March.

Bottom Line: My thinking of an “epic crossover” is this, with such little time left and so little time to shoot we’ll probably get more of a hint at Supergirl in one of the three CW shows. My money would be on ‘Legends’. Time travel will play a big role in this show, let’s also not forget about the “Multiverse”, and people will likely be assuming a reveal could come on The Flash. It’d be a perfect “redirect” so we’re all shocked when we hear a mention of Kara on ‘Legends’. I also believe that the connection of Supergirl and ‘Legends’ will make the shared universe even more real. I think we won’t get a full on epic crossover till next season. Instead of a “Flarrow” crossover we’ll get a “SuFlarrow” crossover, sometime before the winter hiatus. I don’t think they’ll have us waiting long to see these three team up and I have no doubt it’ll be glorious.

What are your thoughts? Do you want a crossover now? Do you want them to wait? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Source: Screenrant

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