Superhero Spotlight: Squirrel Girl

Oct 2, 2014

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3203019-squirrel_girl_full_artworkName: Doreen Green

Height: 5’3” (160cm)

Weight: 100 lbs. (45kg)

Description: Brown hair with Brown eyes. Sharp claws and a giant squirrel tail.

Occupation: Adventurer, High School Student, Member of GLA

Known Residence: Born in Los Angeles, California; New York City (Central Park)

Powers and Abilities: Enhanced strength, speed, agility, and reflexes; small claws and enlarged incisors; retractable knuckle spike; semi-prehensile tail; empathic bond with squirrels, like Monkey Joe and Tippy Toe, can communicate with squirrels! Her belt holds many pouches for her nuts, which she can consume for extra energy (macadamia nuts give her extra pep!)

Squirrel-Girl-1History: Squirrel Girl is first seen ambushing Iron Man in a forest with her pet squirrel Monkey Joe, in an attempt to impress him and earn herself a spot as his sidekick. Needless to say Iron Man was quite unimpressed and declines to make her his sidekick, when all of a sudden Doctor Doom attacks. Doom captures Iron Man and takes him into a large aircraft while largely ignoring Squirrel Girl as a threat. Little did he realize Squirrel Girl had been calling squirrels from all of the forest to come to her aid. Hundreds of squirrels flood the ship, chewing it apart and attacking Doctor Doom. Doom gets overwhelmed allowing Squirrel Girl and Iron Man time to escape. Although impressed in the end, Iron Man tells Squirrel Girl she’s too young to be his sidekick but he would put in a good word for her with the Avengers when she gets older.

GLA003_COV__scaled_800Years later, Squirrel Girl moves to Central Park in New York City to fight crime and it’s here that she first encounters Flatman and Doorman who recruit her and Monkey Joe into the Great Lakes Avengers. A bit after being made a Great Lakes Avenger, Monkey Joe is killed by a GLA reject named Leather Boy. This sends Squirrel Girl into a rage as she assembles a squirrel army and ends up stopping Maelstrom from destroying the city with them. In the aftermath of the battle with Maelstrom only one squirrel in the entire army survives. This squirrel, named Tippy-Toe, becomes Squirrel Girl’s new companion taking Monkey Joe’s spot in the GLA.

284038-981387_1253858784424_super_superSquirrel Girl and Tippy-Toe go on to fight MODOK and Thanos single handedly and it is later confirmed by Uatu the Watcher that it was indeed the real Thanos she beat. Dum Dum Dugan is impressed by Squirrel Girl’s power and offers her a spot in S.H.I.E.L.D. but she declines saying she’s happy being in the GLA. She later goes on to team up with heroes such as the X-Men and The Thing.

During the Civil War event, Squirrel Girl and the GLA register under the Superhero Registration Act, gaining the new name the Great Lakes Champions. During this time, Deadpool attacks the DLC assuming they were un-registered, but is beaten by Squirrel Girl due to being distracted by her name and looks. Squirrel Girl later visits Speedball of the New Warriors who is out promoting his new TV show, and ends up helping him defeat Bug-Eyed Voice. Speedball gives Squirrel Girl her first kiss as a way of saying thanks. After the events that started the Civil War, Squirrel Girl finds out that Speedball has taken up a squirrelgirl_480_postermuch darker alter-ego of Penance and is determined to change him back into his former self. So she travels to Latveria to use Doctor Doom’s time travel machine to go back in time to stop Speedball from turning into Penance. Doom still being bitter about his defeat by Squirrel Girl instead sends her to the year 2099 where she meets another version of Speedball and Mr. Immortal who tells her she has to kick Deadpool out of the Great Lakes Initiative and sends her back.

Squirrel_girlDuring the Dark Reign event Squirrel Girl defeats the giant dragon Fing Fang Foom without the help of the again-renamed Great Lakes Avengers. She finds out the GLA have been relying completely on Squirrel Girl to take out all the villains that come along, so she decides to leave the GLA hoping that they will eventually see their own potential. She becomes the nanny to Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and visits Wolverine at the X-Mansion, who we find out had some relationship with Squirrel Girl in the past, and they vowed never see each other again.

prv9420_covDuring the Fear Itself event, Squirrel Girl protects Luke and Jessica’s baby from the attacking enemies, getting her to the X-Mansion for safety. The mansion goes into lockdown mode as enemies approach the place, but Daredevil ends up jumping in and taking out the bad guys before they could get in. He leads Squirrel Girl and the baby to the X-Mansion’s panic room to be safe during the rest of the time. To this day she is still the nanny for Dani Cage.



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Where to find Squirrel Girl!

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes Vol. 2 #8 (“The Coming of… Squirrel Girl!”)

Recommended Comics: Great Lakes Avengers #1-4, Great Lakes Avengers Special #1, I Heart Marvel #2 (First Kiss), Deadpool GLI – Summer Fun Spectacular #1, Age of Heroes #3, New Avengers Vol 2 #15-34 (Fear Itself)

Other Media: TV- Brief appearance in Fantastic Four the cartoon series – “The Cure” (2006), Ultimate Spider-Man – The Next Iron Spider Film- None (YET!) Video Games- Playable in Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat/Online, Playable in Marvel Heroes (2015), Unlockable in Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Playable in LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes.