Superman & Robin Special #1: DC Comics Review

Jan 24, 2022

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Some things just belong together — Tomasi and the Super Sons being one of them. In this case though, we’re not talking sons/kids, we’re not talking Superboy. No longer are we talking about a young and inexperienced-ish Robin. We’re talking Superman and Robin. The real deal.

DC Comics
Written By: Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils By: Viktor Bogdanovic
Release Date: January 25, 2022


Two buds solving a mystery. Causing hi jinx in the Fortress of Solitude. Not much you need to know more than that. But if you do, being caught up on Tom Taylors Son of Kal El and Joshua Williamsons Robin series will certainly help. In saying all that, just seeing the two “old” friends together again after what seems like a long time, was great. Jon has changed so much, his role as a hero has changed so much. Robin and his role as a “side-kick” has changed over the years. Tomasi understands the changes that has happened to both of them, and in the Superman & Robin Special their changes mold the story throughout.

There is banter, comedy and there is even more change. Mostly though, there is heartfelt moments between two friends who at times feel like they are alone, and that they don’t have anyone that can go to. Clarks Superman is off world, Bruce and Damien are on the outs. Sometimes all you need is a friend.


Pencils from Bogdanovic are complemented by inks from Daniel Henriques, Scott Hanna and Matt Santorelli. Colors from Ivan Plascencia and Matt Herms. Yes there is a lot of work done by multiple artist on this issue, but it all blends. It helps that Bogdanovic is consistent throughout with the pencils. There are some major actions scenes in the book and with it Superman and Robin get some new tools to use as well. The detail given to the action scenes are good fun. There is a comedy to action scenes that works so wall in every panel. From facial expressions to the use of lettering. It plays like the odd couple of the superhero universe.

Overall Enjoyment

This is just a one shot. If you don’t read this book you will not miss anything in Superman: Son of Kal El or in Robin. In that sense its a bummer that this may not lead to another Super Sons series. Seeing Jon and Damien together here is great fun. But in the context of where their characters move forward after this issue, well not much has changed in this book that hasn’t already been happening in there own main stories. There relationship is special, that alone should make this book worthy of a pick up.

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