Swamp Thing Giant #2 Review

Mar 17, 2019

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DC Comics/ Walmart Exclusive

$4.99 USD

Writer- Tim Seeley
Artist- Joëlle Jones
Colorist- Trish Mulvihil
Letterer- Travis Lanham
Editor- Chris Conroy

“Bog of Blood Part One”

 This book certainly caught me by surprise! I knew it was due to drop the second half of this month, but I didn’t exactly the time it out to the last release. Luckily, I wandered over to the hobby section in my local Walmart and spotted a few ragged copies that remained. For more on the condition, exclusivity and reprints included in the 100 Page Giants, you can read my review of issue #1 by clicking here.

The story is really enjoyable. Keeping with the previous installments, Swamp Thing and his companion Briar dig deeper into the mystery of an elemental force known as the Barren. While investigating a pair of missing campers, they encounter a new villain named Ms. Ravenmocker. Like the Char-Man before her, she has ties to the Barren although her involvement provides a new twist. While not reinventing the wheel, this yarn is properly plotted, provided a couple chuckles, and the action was well allotted. The page count may indicate an appetizer but this puppy reads like a full meal.


My only gripe, albeit minor, was the re-telling Swamp Thing’s origin AGAIN! We just had a sampling of that last issue. I’m inclined to blame editorial, yet whatever the case may be, it was done in a cool manner. Using an urban legend as the source serves as a nifty delivery. But alas, the true seller of this repetitive root wasn’t the script. Nope, it’s thanks to Joëlle Jones.

The illustrations totally knocked my socks off. A welcome addition to the marsh of artistic masters that have worked on the character, Joëlle Jones is a talent not to take lightly. Paired perfectly with the colors of Trish Mulvilhill, fans are treated to a feast for the eyes. Personally, I haven’t been this jazzed over a Swamp Thing artist since the smooth stylings of Jesus Saiz from the N52 era. Stunning in every sense of the word, I would happily hand my wallet over to DC should Jones ever work on an ongoing Swampy project.  

As for the future of the 100 Page Giant? A wee bit murky. With rumors swirling that the line was facing cancellation, Dan DiDido shut those rumors down but commented there was a shift coming. Whatever the future may hold, Swamp Thing Giant #2 is an outstanding product worth spending your hard earned dollars on. Grab a copy while you can.

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