Thank you, Stan Lee

Nov 12, 2018

Mad Cave Studios


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Thank you for so many things. For teaching me that with great power comes great responsibility. For understanding it’s hard to be a teenager, and making those years just a little less lonely for so many of us. For inspiring generations of writers and artists, and proving without a doubt that comics are worth so much more than the price on the cover.

As a young man you dreamed of writing the great American novel, and instead you gave birth to a wave of great American heroes, writing countless classic stories. Creating characters like Spider-Man, The X-Men, and the Avengers who mean so such to so many all across the globe. You ushered in a new era of comics, essentially changing the way these stories were told, creating ‘the Marvel Method” which is still used today. 

Thank you for Stan’s Soapbox, your commitment to social justice, and making a better tomorrow. For your service to this country during World War II. For creating the Stan Lee Foundation, and your commitment to literacy and the arts. 

You did more than create superheroes, you played the part in real life. For over three decades you wrote columns denouncing bigotry and racism, while celebrating diversity and inclusivity. You once wrote “It seems to me that a story without a message, however subliminal, is like a man without a soul.” The stories you told and world you built were full of so much soul, like Daredevil you were fearless, you knew the power in your words, and always used that power for good.

Thank you for the countless fans who’s day/week/year you made at all of those conventions over the years. For the laughs from your always memorable cameos. For showing me that staying hungry, and humble is the key to happiness and success. 

You committed your entire life to building something that means the world to so many people, and you did it all with a smile. An infectious positive aura surrounded everything about you, that excitement meant the world to me, you truly loved what you did, and it showed. That passion showed me and so many others that loving what you do makes all the difference. 

A few years ago when asked about retirement, you said, “When you retire, you have a chance to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do. I’ve been doing all the things I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to be involved in entertaining people.” I’m glad to know you felt that way, and I hope you understood the joy, entertainment, and inspiration you gave to so many of us. (myself included). 

So from one heavy hearted fan to his hero, I just wanted to say thank you Stan “The Man” Lee. Thank you for everything. ‘Nuff Said.