The Anacrusis – Early Access (Preview)

Jan 12, 2022


The Anacrusis PC (Preview)
Stray Bombay

I played Anacrusis during the early access period for the past week. The game feels and plays like Left 4 Dead but in space on a star cruiser with aliens. Of course, as a fan for Left 4 Dead, I had to play it and see what some of the creative team of former Value employees did. 

Anacrusis style is a refreshing setting that brings a retro 70’s vibe and color. The retro vibe and themes can be found all over the game, including the menu, stages, and soundtrack. The colors work great in this setting and keep things fab. 

As the game begins, it’s hard not to notice how similar it is to Left 4 Dead. You start in a room with your other three team members, and when ready, you start the level. Unfortunately, this is where Anacrusis starts falling apart. 

Original, I wanted to do Tips and Tricks for new players, but that changed after playing a few levels and beating the game. The lowdown is that the game needs a lot of work before it can indeed be great. 

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Anacrusis Experience

I recommend playing the game with people and trying to avoid using NPC. During my experience, the NPC would steal health packs and power-ups when they didn’t need them. Many solo missions required restarting because Lance bogarted all the health packs and used them all while the other team members died. 

The guns you chose have little to no effect as you can one-shot any minions. They bring an almost commercial experience when you shoot them, and some randomly jump into the air as if taking off. Outside of that, they just eat up ammo and time. 

The more significant and unique enemies require skill and teamwork and if you were a spaz and used NPC, just prepare to restart the level. They vary in type, and the most frustrating ones are the ones who entrap you in goo or capture you with spiked tendrils. The brute isn’t that scary or difficult like in other games. 

After beating the game, I didn’t change my approach from level to level. I learned that health packs are worth their weight in gold, the special push shield somewhat works, the weapons don’t matter, and the NPC is the true enemy. 

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Anacrusis was fun at first, but the more you play it, the more prominent the flaws became part of the game. If Stray Bombay can update the issues little by little, there is no reason they can fill the Left 4 Dead void gamers have been craving.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you out. 

  1. Avoid using NPC at all costs. They will kill you and are greedy. 
  2. Save the turret until the final horde wave at the end of the level. 
  3. Save and collect as many health packs as possible. 
  4. Friendly fire is an excellent way to get revenge. 
  5. Use your pistol for minions and your rifle for more significant threats. 
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