The Arrowverse’s Future Plans Revealed

May 14, 2020

Air Dates and the Next Arrowverse Crossover Details Revealed

New Episodes Delayed to 2021

The coronavirus has hit everyone hard including film studios. With theatres closed and production shut down, studios have been struggling along. The CW is no exception since production on its TV shows have been shut down. Many shows including the Arrowverse shows have had their seasons cut short with filming on their respective seasons not yet finished. Even though states have started to open up, the probability of filming resuming soon looks low. Until coronavirus cases have gone completely down, filming is just not an option for most TV shows since interacting on set would endanger the cast and crew.

Now the CW’s Twitter account has provided more clarity on when the network plans to resume airing the shows. The CW plans to resume airing Arrowverse shows, including Batwoman and The Flash, in January 2021. Notably the new anticipated show Superman and Lois, initially greenlit with a 13 episode order, is also set to air in January 2021. In the meantime, they plan to air other past shows like Swamp Thing which they recently acquired.

The news seems to indicate that the network plans to resume filming late 2020 to get new episodes ready for their air dates. By that time, studios can but hope that the coronavirus will no longer be a major problem.

Next Crossover Set To Feature Superman and Batwoman

The last Arrowverse crossover was Crisis on Infinite Earths, a largescale conflict spanning five episodes. The crossover is generally regarded as the Arrowverse’s Endgame of sorts since Crisis is what the shows have been building up to for so long. Crisis on Infinite Earths raised the game in every way from its special cameo appearances including Ezra Miller’s Flash to its fan-pleasing moments to Oliver Queen’s heartfelt death. The next crossover could never hope to top Crisis in its scale and its ambition. Therefore, those involved made it immediately clear that the next crossover would be on a much smaller scale. Now new details have emerged regarding the next crossover.

Deadline reported on statements made by Mark Pedowitz, the CW Chairman and CEO, during the network’s scheduling call:

“We’re still working on it. It will be a smaller event than usual, we’re only planning a two-hour event. We are talking about doing Superman and Batwoman together. There’s a lot of characters coming from our other shows.

With Superman now getting his own show with Lois, the CW is clearly taking full advantage of the character by putting him into the spotlight including in this crossover.

Source: Deadline

Superman and Lois Poster

Superman and Lois is finally on track for release and the network has started hyping up the show. The show’s own Twitter account posted this poster today:

The show seems to be going full steam ahead towards its January 2021 release date. Casting details continue to come out with 13 Reason Why’s Inde Navarette recently revealed by Deadline to be playing Sarah Cushing in the show.

Despite setbacks due to Covid-19, it looks like the CW has a promising plan to deal with their Arrowverse shows now scheduled to resume airing in January 2021.