The Avengers #50 (REVIEW)

Nov 29, 2021

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The Avengers #50

Kid Thanos? The “jaw-dropping conclusion to World War She-Hulk”? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Avengers #50, Marvel’s 750th Avengers comic book, has set the stage for something massive.

Written by: Jason Aaron and Christopher Ruocchio
Art by: Aaron Kuder, Carlos Pacheco, Ed Mcuinness and Steve McNiven

As Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Robbie Reyes regroup in the wake of recent events, other machinations are in motion. While some have the foresight to employ the assistance of others, it may not be enough to help combat what’s to come. Or, at least, no in the manner it was originally intended.

Jason Aaron and Christopher Ruocchio’s The Avengers #50 only leads me to one conclusion: Marvel’s next major event is coming. Whether or not that will be contained to the pages of The Avengers is unclear, but this has potential to be far-reaching — with no shortage of action. And while you can still enjoy The Avengers #50 without having read each of the previous title’s 49 issues, other Marvel stories are intertwined into this issue.

Aaron has already teased on Twitter what Marvel’s superteam is set to face in the coming issues, so make sure to navigate the app cautiously (always a good approach) before reading The Avengers #50. Because the process of finding out who will be involved was perhaps the funnest part of this issue. That said, there are 89 pages to The Avengers #50, so there’s a whole lot more to take from this major, table-setting issue.

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