The Best Casino Licenses in the World: How to Get One for Your Online Casino

Feb 28, 2022

A casino license is one of the most important assets to an online casino, mainly due to the legal ramifications if you don’t have one. You could say that a casino license is absolutely necessary for any new Australian online casino 2022 to even open in the first place. Depending on what license you need is determined by a number of factors, mainly due to where the online casino is located. It will determine the very security of your casino and how safe it will be depending on which one you use. Obtaining one is a rather simple process but contains a lot of requirements that must be fulfilled. 

You can view them from either their own website or through the government website of the country the casino is based in, under the gambling laws related. Here are some of the best casino licenses found in the world for you to apply for. 

Malta Gaming Authority

The country of Malta is located at the crossroads between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. This very location is what has made it an important part of history in the world, being conquered and taken from many civilisations. It is also here that makes the perfect place to govern casinos found in all those respective countries where people are interested in casino-related occasions, films and TV shows. The online gambling industry has benefited greatly from the supervision of such a well-respected society, evolving alongside them to include regulations for new gambling innovations. 

The main goals of the MGA are the safety of players’ rights, protecting minors from gambling, promoting responsible gaming, and ensuring the integrity of gaming devices. You can easily apply for a license here using the main website, where the appropriate links will guide you on the right path. There are downloadable certificates and information you can keep handy to understand what services are being provided. Links towards any support functions are easy to find, giving you exactly what you need to understand the law and what it inhabits. Try out their other services such as gaming supplies, permits, statistics, and so much more. 

UK Gambling Commission

The UK has always been one to govern itself in almost every aspect, which includes its leave from the EU with the official Brexit movement. This most certainly applies to gambling as well, with the law relating to the official Gambling Act 2005. Because of this document, which has been modified several times to evolve with the gambling of modern times, the UK Gambling Commission was created to help manage all of the gambling laws and jurisdictions within this country for all online casinos. They are in direct contact with the main governing body in the UK. 

On the main website, you can find all of the resources you need to obtain your own gambling license. For starters, you can view all of the regulatory actions taken to ensure safety is being held as the number one priority. You can apply for a public register so you can have what you need to run your own gambling business. This includes personal licenses, regulatory actions, public statements, and even info on any premises available. This applies to both online casinos and land-based casinos. The bottom of the website has fast links to the exact information you will need. 

Curacao Gaming Control Board

Curacao is another country that comes up a lot in the world of online gambling, with a license all on their own which controls many gambling establishments across the world. This even includes the likes of Australia and all countries that are near it. The official gambling authority is the Curacao Gaming Control Board, which regulates all gambling activity within these jurisdictions. They are also organisers of many other activities such as lotteries, bingo, and charity organisations. Recently, they have just earned the position of supervisor of the Curacao gaming industry in combating money laundering and counterfeiting in terrorism. 

They have their own website which you can view and take a look at to see what services are available to you. While the website is relatively simple, it has links to all of the services they offer and how you can contribute to the safety of online gambling. This goes the same for land-based casinos and other gambling establishments like lotteries and bingo. In all of these events, you can look for regulation, finding the application process simple to follow and achieve. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for the application carefully. 

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Gibraltar is home to many different gaming establishments, with different countries under its watch to help you find a place to game. This governing authority was created in response to the Gibraltar Regulatory Act 2000, acting as an independent body that handles all gambling regulations by itself. Their main duty is to promote competition and encourage innovations for all types of players and business owners. You can see that they have a wide range of responsibilities other than just with online casinos, which makes them qualified for a number of tasks. 

The main departments that they control are:

  • Communications
  • Data protection
  • Broadcasting
  • Postal services
  • University
  • Cyber security compliance
  • Freedom of information

These are all important factors where one or two of them can apply to online gambling. If you wish to have them take a look at any of these areas for your online casino, you can view the official legislation with the link provided underneath the list of services. You can make a request for a gambling license through these links and have the regular process underway, making sure that the online casino follows these guidelines listed in the areas. 

Kahnawake Gaming Commission

This is most likely another gambling license you would have heard of, as they too control the jurisdictions for many areas. They are the official gambling authority on almost any form of gambling happening within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake. Any information you need for this license will be found on the official site, which includes a helpful Q&A section so you can find answers to any questions you have. There are two different versions of the site that you can view. One of them is for online casinos, and the other is for land-based sites. 

There is a lot on offer for online casinos specifically to help new businesses equipped with the latest in gambling technology. Kahnawake is famous for its approach to new technology and to help online gambling be safer in this modern world. The main commission comes from the 1999 Regulations concerning Interactive Gaming. The main license itself will be directed and granted by Mohawk Internet Technologies, which is a data centre found within the Mohawk Territory. It is managed by eight different technologies, which makes it incredibly thorough and safe to use. Apply through the application process link and fill in the correct forms. 


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