The Best of Villainy in August’s Powered Geek Box (Review)

Sep 6, 2016


Thanks to the popularity of DC comics Suicide Squad villainy seems to be on everyone’s mind and the folks over at Powered Geek Box are no exception. This month they have give us a box full of stuff so bad, yet so good. It appears this month Powered Geek Box has ditched the random nature of their boxes and instead opted for a villainous theme for their August offering. In past reviews I have commended Powered for being the one crate company that seems to have broken free of the theme, but it appears they have succumbed to the theme beast. It’s not a bad thing, just something that set Powered Geek Boxes apart from the rest, you really had no idea what you were going to get. That being said, the theme for August is something I love more than anything as villains have taken over August’s Powered Geek Box.

Our first item will have most geeks laughing with delight as they open their box and see the wide eyed grin of The Joker. This POP Vinyl is in the style of Jared Leto’s Joker from the recent Suicide Squad film. Despite what you feel about the picture there is no doubt that this Joker is particularity striking and unique with his various tattoos, purple surgical glove, and silver grill. POP’s are extremely popular so whenever one is included in a box its usually a huge plus, and this Joker certainly made my day.

Another staple of the the monthly subscription box is the t-shirt and Powered Geek Box has give us a tee featuring one of the biggest and most significant villains of all time, Godzilla. Displaying why he is King of the Monsters, this bright red shirt features our villain, sometimes hero, doing what he does best destroying a city. Personally Godzilla isn’t my cup of tea but this will make most geeks very happy to see the not so jolly green giant.

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Although this next item is small and at first glance may appear unimpressive but the Batman Villains Card Deck is by far my favorite item in this August Villains themed Powered Geek Book. You can always use a good pack of cards and this deck is a must own for any DC or comic book fan. Each card features a DC villain in a different art style, making this pack a geeky show piece you will be dying to break out at your next party.

The villainy continues as we move to the smaller items in August’s Powered Geek Box with my daughter’s favorite item, the DC Originals Minis Suicide Squad Blind Bag. Opening these is always the best part as you never know what you are going to get. The kid and I were hoping for Joker or Harley Quinn but instead we recieved the gangster with a heart of gold, El Diablo. My daughter was unfamiliar with the character so she easily tossed it aside, but I loved the intricate detail and style of these very cute but very deadly displayable toy.

Another Funko item included in this month’s box was a World of Warcraft Pocket Pop featuring Murlock. Being familiar with the game but not a player or a fan I could have done with out this item personally, but people love Funko and the POP brand so I am sure this little guy will have its fans. Always well made, detailed and a great way to express your fandom this is another great item.

Last but not least its what I like to call the filler section and while normally these items are useless crap, this month the villains theme allowed Powered Geek Box to give us some really cool and useful items. Our fillers include a hydra pin that will look great on my work backpack, an air fresher featuring maybe the most famous Joker comic panel ever, and a very cool and stylish Harley Quinn sticker. Its safe to say all of these have already been claimed and displayed by various family members in my house.

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Villainy has definitely won this time as Powered Geek Box have outdone themselves with August’s crate. There is no wasted items here as everything will find a home with the geekest of geeks. Hell, some items may down right impress as the Joker POP and Batman Villains Cards are both worry of display in any house of fandom. After Powered’s first theme box, I am much more excited to see what next month brings.

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