The Death of Superman Review (Animated Film)

Jul 21, 2018


The Death of Superman (2018)
Warner Bros. Animation & DC Films
Directed By: Jake Castorena & Sam Liu
Written By: Peter Tomasi
Starring: Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Rainn Wilson, & Rosario Dawson


Back in 2007 DC Films and Warner Bros. Animation adapted The Death of Superman story with the animated film Superman: Doomsday. After 11 years, they have made another attempt at this story and it is a far better attempt than the previous more condensed version. This time the movie shares the same name as the story it’s adapting but there are still some changes. It’s not a one to one retelling like how Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns was done. But what it does do right is that it gives us time with Superman and Clark Kent as he spends his time with Lois Lane attempting to figure out how to move forward in their relationship.

Now this does take place in the same line of movies with Justice League: War and Throne of Atlantis, but Superman here definitely feels like he has grown since those films. You may be wondering about his relationship with Wonder Woman and they do touch on that for a little bit here, but the main focus is the relationship with Clark and Lois while Superman is out being a hero for the city of Metropolis. The cast does a wonderful job with the characters they portray. Jerry O’Connell comes off as the classic Superman here and Rebecca Romijn gives Lois that great tough attitude many know her for. One that took a bit of time for me to get use to was Lex Luthor voiced by Rainn Wilson. The animation is just as wonderful like in previous films with it’s brightly suited colors on the hero’s costumes as well as the action.

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This definitely has my personal favorite fights among the rest of the movies and especially when Wonder Woman takes on the monster known as Doomsday. My biggest complaint for the film is that it definitely feels like we should’ve gotten one or two films before this one. To show Superman’s growth into the loving hero he is now and to see where Diana and Clark went before the break-up.

The Death of Superman may be a retread but it hits the target much better. Superman’s personal story of how to bring someone in closer is very relatable for many and seeing him do his heroics while fighting off one of the strongest enemies he’s ever faced. It’s definitely one of the best films form the animation line packing with a lot of action and a ton of heart. (Side note, be sure to watch all scenes that play throughout the credits.)



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