The Division: Agent Origins Review

Feb 29, 2016


In anticipation of The Division releasing on March 8th, I thought I would watch the miniseries Agent Origins to see if I could glean any tidbits from the videos. Below is my break down of each episode in the four part series.

Take 40 minutes and watch the videos before you read the review!


Created by Ubisoft

Escape is the flagship video with the most production value. It’s the video that is supposed to get you pumped for the game. Story is simple involving a group of prisoners escaping from Riker’s Island and thus causing trouble on the streets of New York. It’s pretty heavy handed at times with the “bad guys” brutally murdering their way out of prison, and then killing and taking people hostages, because bad guys.  Agents of the Division are summoned to stop the threat and a gun battle ensues. The action was pretty good and it mimicked the feel of the video game by showing off cool gadgets and abilities in the game.  If you’re going to watch one of the videos, Escape is the video.

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Div AG or big


Created by Corridor Digital

This video focuses on the “Cleaning Crew” enemies you may have encountered in the beta. They were the flame thrower gas mask toting ones. Of the videos this is the darkest one showing off the cleaning crew doing what they do best, killing people. It sets the stage for them to be an ominous enemy in the game. The action in this video is more intimate featuring a lone agent fighting a small group of cleaners. Despite, one cheesy slow-Mo moment, I really dug this video.


Created by Devin Super Tramp

As the name implies, the story focuses on a parkour pursuit after some bandits that have lifted medical supplies. Why the Division Agent didn’t just gun down the bandit when he had a clean shot instead of chasing them throughout the roof tops of New York is beyond me.  I saw the twist coming a mile away and thought it was a pretty forgettable tale.

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Created by Rocket Jump

My least favorite of the four video, Conspiracies focus on a group of survivors holding out in their apartment trying to unravel the mystery of what is actually going on. The big twist of one of the people being a Division Agent is spoiled by the fact she was featured in Escape. The videos attempts at humor just don’t stick. It’s the shortest one so I least I didn’t have to suffer through much.

All in all, not much is revealed about the world of the Division other than what we already know.  I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get a little more story about what is happening or what the Division actually is, but then again that’s why Ubisoft wants me to spend $60. The videos were entertaining, and I didn’t feel like I wasted my time, but they come off a little heavy on the promotional side. But I suppose there are worse ways to promote your upcoming video game.


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