The Doctor is a Punk Rocker in “The Twelfth Doctor Adventures Year Two” (Review)

Jan 31, 2017


The Twelfth Doctor Adventures Year Two: Invasion of the Mindmorphs Part 1 of 2
Titan Comics

Written by: Robbie Morrison
Art by: Rachel Stott and Rod Fernandes (Colorist)

Doctor Disco, Doctor Funkenstein, Basil, the Caretaker, and… the Time Surgeon? You heard right! The Twelfth Doctor let out his inner punk rocker.

-receives note from editor-

Wait. That wasn’t him? Ah! What a clever ruse! No, the Time Surgeon, with his lovely assistant, Nurse Kara, are completely different entities. “But wait!” you cry out, “Who is this Time Surgeon?!” As you well know, the Doctor has made quite an impression on many people, so information about him was bound to leak out, whether it be from conspiracy theorists or folklore and those stories would be bound to inspire someone to write their own adventures about a person similar to this fabled “Doctor,” This is where the story starts off, in an alternate Doctor Who-like universe that abruptly becomes nothing but sketches to display the writer and artist of this brand-new comic spectacular - coming to a store near you!

With a close eye on Earth, however, did you think the Doctor wouldn’t notice? Unhappy with being ripped off, he decided to visit these comic creators and show them just how the real Time Surgeon lives, and what is really out there in the universe.

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Traveling alone since the loss of Clara Oswald (Spoiler?), the Doctor has found himself dealing with various other beings in interesting adventures - but have yet to offer any of them a place aboard the TARDIS. Sonny Robinson and Val Kent are the latest humans to involuntarily stumble into the TARDIS,  and be whisked away to alien planets. However, like many of these situations, the plan goes awry when they land on a planet that suffered a major catastrophe.

This is where the story ends. A wonderful cliff-hanger for what’s to come in Part 2.

I cannot stop this review there, merely talking about the wonderful plot, no, I must discuss the incredible art! Rachel Stott has yet to produce a drawing in these comics that failed to wow me. Her ability to perfectly capture Peter Capaldi’s likeness is uncanny, especially when it came to drawing him as the ultimate punk rocking Time Surgeon. The Time Surgeon’s long standing enemy, The Minister - who is the alternate version of the Master - is drawn as Roger Delgado, the very first Master to grace our screens. Lastly, let’s not forget the assistant, Kara, who is the alternative Clara, and let me just say, this character looks very much like Jenna Coleman.

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“But we know who plays these characters….”

Yes, I know, but the drawings just capture their likenesses so well, it must be discussed!

Now, if not for Rod Fernandes, the comic would just be black and white outlines. The coloring is wonderful in this issue of the Twelfth Doctor Adventures. The colors are rich, and really make scenes pop - not to mention the shading which really added dimension to each frame. The coloring really made some of the frames with larger landscapes something of a masterpiece, like the scene where…well, I can’t let you know everything. Spoilers, darling.

Needless to say, seeing as I am a one hundred percent major fan of the show, I am bound to lay down the truth on whether the stories are written well or not, and I am telling you that the comics never fail to wow. I am also an artist in some respect so I also tend to factor in the art when it comes to reviewing comics, and I was blown away by the art in this issue. The combination of Rachel Stott and Rod Fernandes made the artwork in this issue truly fabulous - a true force to be reckoned with.

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