The Eighth #1 (REVIEW)

The Eighth #1

Written by: Adam Lawson
Art by: Jorin Evers

The chemistry Adam Lawson and Jorin Evers have developed from their work in other mediums is evident from the jump. They hit the ground running in the first issue of The Eighth.

The opening chapter of the eight-issue series is as much about the “Why?” as anything. Why are the three main characters — David, Emma and Atticus — approaching this new gift differently from one another? Why should we care about them — specifically David and Emma?

Those two are the focus of the issue, making it clear this is a character-driven story. We’ll learn more about Atticus soon, as well.

David is the main character of the story, so he naturally shares a lot of himself with his inner monologue. Emma’s dialogue is significant, but readers learn more about her from her experiences and decisions.

With both, we also learn a lot from their facial expressions — something that really stands out in The Eighth #1. With everything they say or do, they carry some level of uncertainty in their face. That’s how it should be with these characters.

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They’re teenagers. Teenagers constantly doubt themselves, and now these two have been given this ridiculous responsibility. This is only going to lead more doubt and confusion.

David and Emma feel real. Because of that, The Eighth #1 feels like the start of a story that could actually happen — assuming one could get superpowers in real life.

To find out how you can read The Eighth, check out the story’s Indiegogo page.

You can also learn more about the series and its genesis from Adam Lawson himself by checking out his appearance on GWW Radio’s Change My Mind podcast.

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The Eighth #1




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