The End of Days… I mean gaming

Oct 24, 2012


Gaming has come a long way and still has room to continue to grow. This excites me because “I can only imagine” what the next Final Fantasy will be like or maybe someone will re-spark my desire to play Final Fight, remastered in high def on my Playstation or perhaps like so many geeks these days it will be yet another zombie apocalypse shooter, why are they so fun?

But when will it come to an end, there has to be an end doesn’t there? I’m not really sure what that entails or even if it’s possible to speculate, sorry Stu the gloves are off and I know he hates speculation but I find it fascinating so onward.

To me the end of gaming is a time when the spirit of gaming devolves into nothing more than a means to drive a profit. I’m sure anyone out there could argue that point but to me it seems as “ABC” to gaming as cigarettes, Cheetos and famous one liners are to the movie Hackers! I mean, what else could there be? Speaking of which it wasn’t long ago a couple guys took a look at a PC and tried to think of alternative, fun applications to use computers for and eventually crude entertainment was born in the late 1940s but never really caught on till the 80s at least in relationship to how gaming is seen today.

Gaming has boomed since then becoming one of the world’s largest industries, that’s something us gamers can be proud of. It’s sure a heck of a lot better than being on a reality show, featuring Guido wanna-be’s or as some may say, “goombah’s” <– yeah you didn’t hear it from me originally I think that last one I got from Mario.

Hackers, gamers and those tech tinkers out there all have something in common, they appreciate something that seems to permeate their efforts and pass a sense of pride. I’m not condoning hacking for personal gain or insinuating that the term loosely is a good thing, I’m simply stating the type of relationship between a group of people and their “craft” if you could call it that seem to be similar.

I have been a purist in many aspects since I was in my teenage years, well I guess that is over half my life and gaming will be no different. No, I don’t see the same vision that a game developer would have or the drive to stay up till all hours of the morning making software to cripple my friends computer but I do have a passion for ingenuity, creativity, expression and entertainment as they pertain to gaming. When these die so will my support for gaming as a whole. I will probably be lost in the wilderness, wandering aimlessly thinking of the good ol’ days.

Support Indy Developers! Take a look at Steam Greenlight, look at your local community, submit your own game ideas or take the plunge to start your own studio. The big studios and publishing companies need fire to keep their massive engine moving and without that they will loose steam someday and make entirely too many crappy games. Competition is the seed to greatness!