The Forge (the Lost Episodes) – Episode #2

Apr 10, 2016

Do victims of cyber-crimes share in some of the blame? Oculus Rift CEO says no Macs good enough for Oculus Rift, Intel moving in on Qualcomm’s space, making chips for cellular modems, Windows 10 surging to greater market share. Join us for one of the lost episodes; chapters that are just now resurfacing after the flu season of 2016!

There are a number of Episodes of The Forge that have been posted to YouTube, but have not had official postings on the actual site since I had a bad case of the flu in the middle of a two month stint of working overtime at my day job. I am incrementally posting those here until we are all caught up. In the meantime, stay tuned for Episode #5, which we intend to record on our normal bi-weekly timeline. Until then, always remember, bits are heavy.