The Forgotten Blade: TKO Studios Review

Jun 29, 2022

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The Forgotten Blade is yet another example why TKO’s business model is outstanding. Once you get sucked into this OGN, like so many other TKO titles before it, you won’t want to put it down.

TKO Studios
Written by: Tze Chun
Art by: Toni Fejzula
Letters by: Jeff Powell

Unlike his first two TKO titles, Tze Chun ventures into high fantasy with The Forgotten Blade. Before Ton Fejzula’s art takes over, Chun and Jeff Powell provide a little background on the Land of the Five Rivers. Definitely a helpful tool as readers try to get acclimated quickly in this six-issue story.

But the second you see Fejzula’s art, you’re quickly transported into this ancient dystopia. He has a style you don’t see often – certainly not if you primarily read superhero comics. But man, it perfectly fits the story. Controlled chaos would be the best way to describe it. Because this world is dismal, and there’s a lot to take in. But while things often seem out of hand for the characters, Fejzula always seems to be in control.

Of the issues Chun and Fejzula address in this story, the largest focus is placed on religion vs. spirituality. If you’re at all a fan of that subject/conversation, The Forgotten Blade is for you. It’s got twists, turns and a pair of characters anyone can appreciate.

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