The Golden Tiger Gang Being Teased As Villains For ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2

Jul 23, 2018

Iron Fist season two is expected to be a large upgrade from the first season, as showrunner Scott Buck has been removed/replaced and the early teaser trailer suggested a much more fight-focused series which has been long desired by fans disappointed with the lacklustre action of the last season.

Well, it looks like they’re not only adding Alice Eve’s Typhoid Mary as a the show’s villain as the official Twitter account posted this interesting image which could be hinting towards another group of street-level villains joining the show.

The image most likely is hinting to the street gang The Golden Tiger Gang as the tiger logo matches some of the leather jackets some members have worn in the comics. A New York City street gang made up Asian hoods, who became a bit of a torn in the side of both Danny and Luke. There is an extremely good chance they’ll be connected to Madame Gao and Davos aka Steel Serpent.

Iron Fist will drop on September 7th on Netflix.


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