The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #7: Vault Comics Review

Apr 11, 2022

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It’s bloody, it’s horrific, its sexy and its only a few bucks from your local comic shop. The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #7 from Vault Comics keeps rumbling and tearing itself along. Olivia and Connor fight their way through The Wilding and hand in hand come up with a plan. The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #7 is a wild incohesive adrenaline rush unlike most on comic book shelves today.

Vault Comics
Written By: Cullen Bunn
Art By: Leila Leiz
Colors By: Vladimir Popov


Story is second fiddle to spectacle in The Last Book You’ll Ever Read. There is a story, don’t misinterpret, but when each issue is full of blood filled action, and unabashed nudity and horror? Story can sit in the back seat. The story isn’t bad in this issue. Olivia and Connor are still trying to figure out the commune problem from The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #5 and #6. They are on the run, but find some solace in each other, even in the face of horror and bloodshed.

Where this issue ends is where the interest level should peak. If it goes where it’s selling us it could go, the book and series may take a turn into the more favorable, story wise. There has always been the question since the first issue, why is any of this happening? Why all the death and mayhem? If we are to get an answer to that query in the upcoming issues, The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #7 may be step in the right direction.


The art shouldn’t work, and at times is down right bizarre. Composition, panel placement and character design don’t make sense. It’s almost dream like. Which in turn is on point and on purpose. Which is why it’s gets a pass.

The book is scary, it’s bloody and it leaps off the page with its horror elements. It’s sexy, and the art never shies away from the sex and the nudity. Colors from Popov are simple. Its best described as not trying to do too much. Blood is Red, the Sky is Blue. Don’t over complicate the already confusing art work with over shading or pallet manipulation.

Overall Enjoyment

The Last Book You’ll Ever Read #7 is a horror book that everyone should be picking up. Its not perfect, and at times its ridiculous and bizarre. There aren’t enough of those book on shelves today. Pick it up and open yourself up to The Wilding. Its enjoyable when it has no right to be.

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