The Netflix of VR?

This Christmas, I jumped headlong into the wonderful world of VR, and I love it. Although I predominantly play stuff through Steam on my HTC Vive, HTC has its own VR platform called Viveport. Although it is integrated into the Vive’s UI dashboards, I’ve only casually browsed the library offered on Viveport. However, this could change due to a recent announcement at this year’s CES. Viveport will be getting a subscription service similar to Netflix for its library.

Details are scarce, but the subscription will cover curated titles that opt in to being part of the subscription model. There is no word on the price of the subscription, but there is a free trial being offered that users can sign up for. At the moment the services are not live, and there is so announced start date.

As a VR customer, this is some exciting news. VR is only going to thrive with more exposure to a wide range of titles. I know I may be more likely to try things I normally wouldn’t if it was covered under the subscription. This may also be an opportunity to encourage developers to invest in VR. If the subscription model takes off, it could help subsidize games, which would be great for VR.

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I’m excited for this new service, but will be holding my final judgments for when the services launches. I want to see how much it’s going to be and what exactly will be covered. That being said, the prospect of having a “Netflix of VR” is exciting! Be sure to check back on the GWW to see my full thoughts once the service releases.

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