“The Perfectionist” | A perfect mixture of many genres (Preview)

Mar 7, 2016

What’s worse than living a life of crime as a thug on the city streets? Well, it would probably be a scenario in which you’re captured and taken to the secret lab facility of a twisted professor.

In The Perfectionist from developer JADGames, you find yourself  in that exact scenario. Escape is the name of the game and you’ll need help from other characters and a keen sense of stealth as you attempt to traverse this giant facility while avoiding unnecessary and dangerous confrontations.

At first glance this title has the style of an Earthbound game, yet, you’re forced to maintain a hightened level of awareness and stealthily allude your foes, which come in the form of evil robots and some intimidating-looking guards.

When you enter into battle, the game takes the form of a classic NES/SNES Final Fantasy game. Different squad members offer certain advantages and strengths, so the battle plan is often more important than the battle itself.

You have a choice - sneak by or ATTACK!

You have a choice – sneak by or ATTACK!

Here are some key features that the developer’s website has revealed.

  • 10 different and unique endings!
  • (Stealth elements) You have the choice of sneaking passed guards, outrunning them or triggering random encounters!
  • Every decision you make can ultimately unlock more features and bonuses, while also changing the difficulty of the game!
  • Tons of mini games and side quests!
  • Customize your very own robot with stat and/or weapon upgrades!
  • Mind bending puzzles that are sure to keep you on edge!
  • An objective manager to keep track of your main objectives and side quests!

There’s certainly more to this title and once we review it, we’ll have even more details to share with you SOON!

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