The quest for Bacon begins in this month’s Loot Pets Crate

Apr 26, 2016


This Month’s Loot Pets has arrived and the theme this month is QUEST, which features items from Battlepug and Adventure Time.

Loot Pets is a monthly mystery crate for pets and the people that love them, delivering apparel, accessories, toys, treats* and more. You get a $50+** value in every crate! In addition, we help pets in need by donating $1 from each subscription purchase to local and national pet charities.”


This month’s Loot Pets items included:

  • Bacon Plush Toy
  • Adventure Time “Makin’ Bacon Pancakes” matching shirts
  • 20-Sided Dice Shield Charm
  • Questrips Beefy Treats
  • Battlepug Volume 1

As you open the box, there is a sticker that reads “Scratch Me, Sniff Me.” Well if you did, be prepared to be greeted by the smell of Bacon.


Of course, as I was attempting to capture a picture showcasing the entire crate, Odie couldn’t wait to get a hold of his new Bacon chew toy.


It looks like the folks over at Loot Crate switched things up on us this month. Normally, Whatever shirt comes in the Loot Crate box, the Loot Pets box will also have its version of the shirt for your pets. This time around, the Loot Pets crate came with both, a shirt for your pet and his/her owner and I absolutely love it! I hope they do this more. This is great idea. The shirt design features Jake the Dog from Adventure time with the words printed “Making’ Bacon Pancakes!”

The Bacon Plush Toy, as you can see above, was an instant hit with our dog. This squeaky plush toy also crinkles (just like sizzling bacon).

Every box usually includes at least one treat for your furry loved ones. The Questrips Beefy Treats in this month’s, as the title suggests, made from beef and is 100% natural.

Battlepug Volume 1 from Dark Horse Comics. I have never read Battlepug, I didn’t even know what it was prior to receiving the box but I will definitely be reading it. I should mention that the suggested reading age is 14+. The story follows a fearless barbarian on a quest with his over-sized pug steed.

This month’s charm featured an image of  a 20-sided Dice.

Finally, this month’s crate also features Collectible Cards, on the back of each of the cards is a description of each of the items included in the crate.

I can’t get enough of Loot Pets. Every month continues to delivery. Our pets always love the treats and toys included and the shirts are adorable. All of this easily makes it one of my favorite subscription boxes of the month, especially since I get to share it with my pets. This is a great box to open with your pet next to you, just to watch their reaction to some of the items included. In this case, watching them go from zero to one hundred in no time, after discovering a bacon squeak toy makes this well worth it.

Don’t forget to check out last month’s Loot Pets, which featured items from Batman V Superman, Captain America: Civil War, and Alien vs Predator.

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