The Rise of Tokenized Money Market Funds: Insights from Securitize CEO Carlos Domingo

Jul 10, 2024

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Insights on Tokenized Money Market Funds from Securitize CEO

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Carlos Domingo, CEO of Securitize, talked about the increasingly popular tokenized money market funds and how they could be used in the future.

The Appeal of Tokenized Money Market Funds

A widescreen image depicting the appeal of tokenized money market funds

Tokenization has found a big market fit. It started with stable coins, which are basically tokenized dollars and are now worth more than $150 billion. The tokenization of assets that are closely linked to dollars, like treasuries and money market funds, was the next step that made sense.

Domingo said that money market funds are a good fit for tokenization because they are made up of short-term treasuries and repurchase agreements. Watch the interview here.

Key Points:

  • Toothed money market funds have done well in part because they work with BlackRock, which is the biggest and most trusted asset manager in the world.
  • For these funds, all of the tokens are issued on the public Ethereum blockchain and can be sent from one whitelisted institution to another.
  • These tokenized funds are very helpful for the crypto economy because they have features like instant redemption through USDC through Circle.

Impact of Interest Rates on Tokenized Funds

A widescreen image illustrating the impact of interest rates on tokenized funds

When interest rates are high, money market funds are more appealing. Domingo said that these funds would still give a good return even if interest rates went down from 5.3% to 5% because they are safe because they are backed by U.S. government interest rates.


  • Even though rates might go down, money market funds are still a good choice because they are safe and give a good return.
  • Private credit and other safe, high-yield asset classes are likely to become more popular.

Tokenization Beyond Money Market Funds

A widescreen image illustrating the concept of tokenization beyond money market funds

The interview also talked about how tokenizing ETFs and other types of assets will work in the future. Domingo agreed that tokenizing just for the sake of it doesn’t make things better. 

But adding tokenized assets to the crypto economy can make it much more valuable by connecting traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Future Prospects

  • Tokenization can make assets like farmland, art, and private equity easier to get and give people a chance to own small pieces of them.
  • There are regulatory problems, but work is being done to make the process easier so that retail investors can get their hands on tokenized assets.

Reducing Fees Through Tokenization

A widescreen image illustrating the concept of reducing fees through tokenization

Tokenization might make the costs of managing funds less expensive. Domingo talked about how the Bill Fund from BlackRock gets dividends quickly and can cash out right away, without any help from a person. This is possible because of blockchain technology, which cuts down on reconciliation mistakes.


  • Because blockchain has better ledger capabilities, it has lower operational costs and fewer mistakes.
  • Tokenization brings more than just lower costs; it also brings new uses and functions that are more innovative.

Final Thoughts

Tokenized money market funds are becoming more popular, led by companies like Securitize and backed by big asset managers like BlackRock. This is a major change in the financial world.

Not only do these tokenized funds promise to be more efficient and save money, but they also make it easier to add traditional assets to the crypto economy. Tokenized assets will become easier to get and more popular as regulations change. This will start a new era of financial innovation.


What are tokenized money market funds?

Tokenized money market funds are digital representations of traditional money market funds on a blockchain, offering enhanced accessibility and efficiency.

Their popularity stems from associations with reputable asset managers like BlackRock and features like instant redemption and peer-to-peer transfers on the Ethereum blockchain.

How do interest rates affect tokenized money market funds?

High interest rates make these funds more attractive, but they remain appealing even with potential rate cuts due to their safe nature and good returns.

What other assets can be tokenized?

Beyond money market funds, assets like ETFs, farmland, art, and private equity can be tokenized, enhancing accessibility and fractional ownership.

Can tokenization reduce fees?

Yes, tokenization can lower operational costs and reduce errors, making fund management more efficient. However, the real value lies in the new functionalities and use cases it enables.