The Scorched #1 (REVIEW)

Jan 10, 2022

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The Scorched #1

Sean Lewis has been a great addition to Todd McFarlane’s expanding Spawn Universe, but Stephen Segovia and Paulo Siqueira are the ones who stole the show in The Scorched #1. Violence. Action. Multiple compelling spreads. Bad-ass-looking characters that are drawn with amazing detail. Readers get it all with this series-opening issue — and there’s no reason to expect anything less from this title moving forward.

Image Comics
Written by: Sean Lewis with Todd McFarlane
Art by: Stephen Segovia and Paulo Siqueira
Colors by: Ulises Arreola and Nikos Koutsis
Letters by: Andworld Design

And while Sean Lewis sets the stage for an interesting story moving forward, his greatest strength in The Scorched #1 is how he maintains the uptempo vibe Segovia and Siqueira establish with their work. Readers get enough information about the situation and the direction of the series, and the dialogue is done well, but the art is allowed to dominate every page of The Scorched #1.

As for the cast of characters featured in The Scorched #1, it feels like this is She-Spawn’s show more so than the other three. Readers still get their fill of the other Spawns (Gunslinger and Medieval), as well as Redeemer, but she’s in charge. At least, that’s how she and the rest of the group see it. While the series-opening issue gives this title direction, Lewis has left room for chaos to ensue in various ways.

The Scorched #1 is a great start to the final title added to Spawn’s Universe, which has been a successful expansion. Between Spawn, King Spawn, Gunslinger Spawn and now The Scorched, Spawn readers are getting a healthy mix of everything Al Simmons and his associates can offer.

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