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Cover Dark Horse Comics The Secret Land # 3

The Secret Land # 3

There’s a place for us. Somewhere a place for us. The events of Issue # 3 of The Secret Land proceed this melody, and it’s musical by many years. Still, you could imagine these words being on the minds and hearts of both Ben and Katherine. What else could keep them fighting through all they had and were about to endure?

Dark Horse Comics

Written by: Christofer Emgard
Art by: Tomas Aira
Lettering by: Mauro Mantella

In their quest to return to their former glory, the Nazis created an isolated refuge to rebuild. Their hope was the power provided by the Die Glocke would be the means of ruling all mankind. Emgard has crafted a callous leader in Herr Oberst who is willing to ignore any inclination of potential danger. With such a thirst for power, he will view anything less than success as a sign of weakness.

Writer ChristoFer Emgard shows ben and katherine seeking refuge with strange bedfellows as a hell of a war is unleashed.

We witness both Ben and Katherine encounter Russian “interference,” though they have very different results. Katherine manages to use her “friendship” with Lucy to her advantage again. By teaming up with the Russian spy, she battles through the emerging horde to make her way to the heart of Die Glocke. Ben’s mission is nearly stalled as they are uncertain of the intentions of a Russian fleet headed towards their destination. The United States and Russia had worked to destroy the Nazi army, and yet now there is hesitancy.

Tomas Aira has the task of showcasing two sides of this war. I felt that the Allied Forces (America and Russia) at sea were the most spectacular pages of the issue. Aira was able to capture the essence of war as the Russian planes and ships burst into flames under the assault of the new Nazi technology. Next, as Ben and his troops were making their way to the base, this comic captured the cold and unforgiving nature of the frigid environment they faced. The battle inside the base is less spectacular, with the ensuing demons looking somewhat generic. I must admit that the final image of Die Glocke fully engulfed in “demonic” influence does stand out.

This series has been centered on the love shared between Katherine and Ben. They have trusted their hearts over anything else. Issue # 3 of The Secret Land has them wondering who else they will have to trust. Oh, heart don’t lie.

Score: 8.3

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