Sep 2, 2021

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The Witcher: Witch`s Lament #4

The Witcher: Witch`s Lament #4 dropped, and thus the ending of this mini-series is in sight. In the previous issue, we saw Giltine returning home. This should have been the end of Geralt`s latest quest. Things seem to rarely work out that easily for Geralt. With some peculiar behavior from everyone involved, Geralt soon realizes something is amiss. The journey from a small town with witch problems comes to an end, albeit a rushed, unforgiving end.

By: Dark Horse

Story By: Bartosz Sztybot
Art By: Vanesa R. Del Ray
Colors By: Jordie Bellaire
Letters By: Aditya Bidikar

What is it about?

Spoilers ahead- tread with caution

This issue picks up straight where the previous one left us. Geralt realizes that the lord of the manor is treating his daughter in an ill fashion. With the startling discovery, Geralt sets out to save the young maiden from her ill-begotten fate. By the time Geralt reaches the lord’s manor, he is greeted by Potrim’s body, seemingly killed by his daughter Giltine. But alas, it is not so easy to pull the wool over a Witcher`s eyes. Giltine is possessed by the witch we saw burning in the first panels of issue 1. The same sorceress that has been playing with poor old Geralt`s feelings of guilt and uneasiness. Laima has used Giltine as a vessel to exact revenge on the men of Neisse for their vile and disgusting treatment of women. Is it going to be justice or sacrifice?

Final thoughts

Consistency through the 4-issue run has been up and down. The final issue feels rushed in a manner. I think this is done to hype up the tension. A lot of people need saving, and there isn’t really time for saving them. However, with added subplots and side characters to enrich the story, they still manage to fall short. Character and world-building are what make the Witcher believable, and rushing through it feels a bit wasted.

The art style for the Witch`s Lament was extremely inconsistent, with some well-drawn panels to absolute shockers. Possibly done to resemble the pacing of the story, fast and unforgiving.

The covers were exceptional and truly gave you the feeling that you are entering the unrelenting horror-filled world of The Witcher.

If you can not live without your Witcher fix, you will find it engaging enough to keep on reading.

SCORE: 6.5     

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