Things Get Wild With Michigan Comic Collective’s Newest Comic Wild Bullets!

May 9, 2015

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Snappy comic book one-shot from the Michigan Comics Collective remixes four classic pulp genres into one roller coaster story.

“Wild Bullets is pulp done right! It has everything you could want, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Buy 50 copies and see for yourself!” – Joshua Werner, Jack of Spades

You are cordially invited to join the Bullet family at Bullet manor for Thanksgiving dinner. The four Bullet siblings grew up to be pulp adventurers—a detective, an archaeologist, a mad scientist, and a monster hunter. Now, despite not getting along, they meet at their parents’ house for Thanksgiving. And, of course, there’s a murder.

Wild Bullets is a guaranteed good time. Because now the Bullets have to work together to solve the mystery, and they must fight against threats they each brought with them: crooked cops, grave robbers, aliens, and a massive demon god who’s obsessed with the family’s maid.

What will the Bullets do? No spoilers, but their solution involves gunfire. Lots of it.

This comic comes from the Michigan Comics Collective (MCC), an independent, nonprofit comics publisher. While staying true to the thrilling pulp stories of yesteryear, Wild Bullets mashes together the genres of crime, adventure, science fiction, and horror. And when the characters each take over to tell their own part of the story, a different artist takes over.

MCC makes this story truly independent, bringing in the art talents of Sean Seal, Jason Jimenez, Steve Sharar, and Joe Freyre, with colors and letters by Sara Sowles.

According to Greg Wright, who wrote Wild Bullets, “Each of these terrific artists brings such distinctive, out-sized personality to their character’s story, it’s easy to see how these Bullet siblings struggle. It’s impossible to choose a favorite!”

Wild Bullets is the premiere comic book of the Michigan Comics Collective, coming on the heels of the group’s incredibly successful first anthology volume. It delivers lightning pacing, two-fisted action, and a family spirit that’s especially touching for a group of trigger-happy killers.

Wild Bullets (One-Shot)
Michigan Comics Collective
Written by: Greg Wright
Art by: Sean Seal, Jason Jimenez, Steve Sharar, and Joe Freyre
Colors & Letters by: Sara Sowles
Out Now!

Wild Bullets is available in both print and digital form. Buy a digital copy at: