This is Akira’s Story an “Unfollow” #13 (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW)

While the entire world believes that Akira and over forty of the 140 were killed, the man himself is testing the limits of his new abilities and influence. The rest of the world is eagerly awaiting the launch of the Akira App, which promises to reveal the truth about death. As the clock counts down, we see how powerful social media can be and how much influence it can have in the daily lives of people glued to their screens, digesting life in 140 characters. How does that influence affect the lives of the remaining members of the 140 and can it truly change the world? DC Comics give us our EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at UNFOLLOW #13

This is Akira’s story. His fame has never been greater, and his new app is the most anticipated in history. But what “secrets from beyond the hereafter” will it reveal on its launch? Can immortality be achieved? Can life exist beyond the grave? Can Akira defeat Larry Ferrell’s 140 experiment and take the world toward peace? And why did he really hack off his own legs with a samurai sword?

Written by Rob Williams with art by Simon Gane, UNFOLLOW #13 will be released on Nov. 2nd.

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