Thor #1 (Review)

Jan 1, 2020


Thor #1
Marvel Comics

Written by: Donny Cates
Art by: Nic Klein
Colors by: Matthew Wilson
Letters by: Joe Sabino


The newly exalted king of Asgard will find himself on the frontlines of a war to save the galaxy.

Thor is the new king of Asgard and his duties will find him sending a message to the other realms about the cost of attacking Midgard. With his message received, he prepares for his first address to the people of Asgard when a visit from Loki confirms that something inside him is faltering. Something that is affecting his ability to wield Mjolnir.

When his speech is interrupted by Galactus crash landing in the middle of the square, he calls on the heralds of the devourer to determine what has nearly killed him and how they can stop it. When Silver Surfer explains the force amassing against them, Galactus awakens to choose a new herald. One with the power to save them all.

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Donny Cates knocks it out of the park with this first issue. The story has all the elements of something special for the god of thunder. The dialogue is well done and all the character interactions with Thor are written brilliantly. Cates showcases the difficulty that befalls old warriors and the duality within Thor who wants to fight with his friends while also being responsible to his people. Everything leads harmoniously to the start of a new adventure for Thor that looks exciting.

Nic Klein brings the excitement of the story to life beautifully with the art. From the first panel to the final page, the art perfectly complements the story and the final reveal at the end is amazing.


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