Three Jokers #2 (Review)

Sep 29, 2020

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Three Jokers #2
DC Comics

Words by Geoff Johns
Art by Jason Fabok
Color by Brad Anderson
Letters by Rob Leigh

Each issue we are learning more about the makeup of the Three Jokers. Each one seems to inhabit a totem of some kind that is connected to the mythology of The Joker. The Three Jokers consist of The Criminal,The Comedian and The Clown. It is still unclear what their goal is or why they revealed themselves the way they did. All we know is that Batman is the main target. 

This issue we see the ramification of Red Hood assassinating one of the Jokers. The turmoil Batman and Batgirl go through trying to rationalize if that was the correct choice or not. The discussion of right and wrong plays out heavily in Batman lore. In this case specifically, it’s from the victims view point. 

Johns has cultivated and built a unique story with the two issues so far. He gives the victims a voice and shows how Jason and Barbara dealt with the aftermath of the life changing encounter. As the story develops we get more insight on Batman and how he deals with the guilt of their encounter with a Joker. This ties into the fight of right and wrong as Johns asks the readers who is at fault for what happened to Barbara and Jason. 

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Fabok delivers another quality issue. The art is solid and fits perfectly with the theme of the story. With the theme of the story being so downtrodden it would be easy to keep it dark and yet it feels like another night at Gotham. This issue plays homage to a few iconic panels and inserts them wonderfully into the story. These details show it doesn’t over power or distract from the story and gives a friendly wink to the past. 

One glaring problem that has plagued many Batman books is the need to connect Barbara with a Robin. We have seen her linked to Dick Grayson or Nightwing numorse times before. In this issue it’s her and Jason being paired up. Using her in this way doesn’t hinder the story but cheapons her character for no reason at all. 

The complexity of the story and topics are balanced wonderfully throughout the issue. The concept of right and wrong is used wonderfully with Jason Todd and him killing a Joker. Johns and Fabok have built and created a great story that is only going to end with a Bang!

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Score 9.0

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