‘Titans’: Hawk And Dove Confirmed For Season Two-Other Bits Of Information

Dec 7, 2018

If you missed Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly’s live stream on Instagram today, fear not, for most important bits of information are included in this article.

At the very beginning, Ritchson and Kelly were asked multiple times if they would be in the already green-lit second season two. “Yes, we will be in season two,” and Alan followed up with “Yea, we’re coming back for season two.”

When asked about a possible crossover with The CW’s Arrowverse, Ritchson said it was “very likely.” Ritchson was joking with fans throughout the live stream, so this may not be something to take too seriously.

Kelly also confirmed that “yes,” Dawn, Kory, and Donna will all be in a scene together.

Ritchson was also quick to respond to a fan asking if all the heroes would be in season two. “Yes, every hero is coming in the finale,” he said. Later on, they seemed to backtrack on this and just kept saying “maybe.” It seems the cat was already let out of the bag though.

The first nine episodes of ‘Titans’ are streaming on DC Universe in the US and will be available internationally on Netflix starting January 11th.

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