Title: Revolutionizing DeFi Lending with Pyth, Gauntlet, and Morpho

Jun 21, 2024

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Pyth Network Collaboration with Gauntlet and Morpho


Pyth Network partners with Gauntlet and Morpho to enhance lending and borrowing experiences on Base and Ethereum DeFi protocols. By providing reliable price data, Pyth enables optimized capital efficiency and reduced risk for users.


Pyth Network collaborates with Gauntlet and Morpho to improve lending and borrowing experiences on Base and Ethereum DeFi protocols. Pyth’s real-time market data is crucial for DeFi protocols, providing them with a competitive advantage and facilitating capital efficiency while lowering risk.

Main Points

Morpho disrupts the DeFi lending industry with an open and effective lending primitive that enables the formation of permissionless markets. DeFi protocols can customize vaults with tailored risk management requirements, including control over liquidation loan-to-value ratios, price oracles, and collateral selection. Gauntlet, a pioneer in DeFi yield optimization, utilizes Pyth’s low-latency price oracle for its offerings on Morpho, enhancing user experience and safety.

Pyth’s precise and low-latency asset price data is essential for the operation of lending and borrowing procedures. Gauntlet’s collaboration with Pyth emphasizes the significance of reliable price data in DeFi markets. Pyth’s unique “pull” design allows dApps to access high-frequency price updates for over 500 assets, ensuring data accuracy and reliability.


Pyth’s success in expanding to support various blockchain networks and serving numerous DeFi protocols highlights its importance in the market. The collaboration with Gauntlet and Morpho signifies a paradigm shift in DeFi, setting new standards for data accuracy and reliability while optimizing user experience and safety in lending markets.