Top 5 Heavy Metal Songs from Horror Movies of the 1980’s

Mar 11, 2016


Horror movies and heavy metal music goes together like John Carpenter and Michael Myers. If you like one there is no disliking the other. Why is that? In my opinion it has to do with the subject that these mediums tend to cover. They range from the occult to serial killers, and even the dark lord himself… Satan. This was ever so present in the 1980’s during the birth of the slasher movie. In honor of that era, here is my top five metal songs featured in horror movies of the eighties. Pull up a chair. Put on your earphones. It is time to throw up the devil’s horns and bang your head.

No. 5

Who Made Who - AC/DC
Maximum Overdrive (1986)


How could I not include AC/DC in this countdown? They’re one of the most popular metal bands of all time. Sure this movie is a big letdown. It’s almost unbearable to watch, but I say almost because every song on this soundtrack is actually performed by the Australian metal band. It is actually their album Who Made Who. You can never go wrong with Angus Young.

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No. 4

No More Mr. Nice Guy - Megadeth
Shocker (1989)


A lesser known movie by the horror master, Wes Craven, and it deserves to be on the list. The only thing memorable about this movie is the theme song performed by Megadeth. Yes… that is right. Dave Mustaine and the boys are covering the song made famous by Alice Cooper. This version has a little more guitar in it, and gives the movie a little spark. Just not enough to make this a great movie.


He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) - Alice Cooper
Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives (1986)

13th part 6

Shock rocker Alice Cooper comes in at number three. This is not really the most metal song ever, but when someone can incorporate the famous┬á“ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma” into a song, I have got to give them props. This song is just a classic eighties melody. It has a catchy tune and will have you singing it long after you have heard it. I have to bang my head to thee, Mr. Cooper, you are still going strong all these years later.

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No. 2

Save Our Souls - Motley Crue
Demons (1985)


A lesser known movie but a great cult favorite by the master of Italian horror flicks Dario Argento. The whole soundtrack to this movie is superb, but it’s Motley Crue that steals the show in this film. “Save our Souls” is not known say as much as “Girls Girls Girls” ┬ábut it has a great feel to it and your head will be thrashing about within a few seconds.

No. 1

Dream Warriors - Dokken
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors (1987)

nightmare 3

When I think metal in a horror movie, this is my go to song. It just was perfect for this movie. Even the video is a great watch with the band in the sets of some of the classic scenes from the film. Don Dokken is the vision of hair metal bands and has a voice that just rings. He makes me want to throw up the horns and party all night.

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