Top 5 Villains I Want To See On CW’s “The Flash”

Jan 31, 2016


CW’s The Flash is one of my favorite shows on television right now. I absolutely can’t get enough of how comic booky it is and how unafraid its creators are to incorporate as much as they can from the source material. The characters are real, humble, and engaging while The Flash (Barry Allen), himself, is the best rendition of a superhero on television EVER! That being said, my favorite part of The Flash is by far their villains. I tune in every week to see who Berlanti and crew have chosen to oppose the Scarlet Speedster.   In comparison to other DC superheroes The Flash has an expansive rogues gallery full of interesting and powerful foes; second only to Batman, of course. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 villains I want to see on CW’s The Flash.

5. Savitar


A Mark Waid creation, Savitar is another speedster who was given his powers during a supersonic jet test flight. The experimental aircraft was struck by lighting as it reached its top speed. Upon landing the pilot quickly learned he could move at super-speed. After gaining his powers he become obsessed with speed and gave himself the name Savitar after the Hindu “god of motion.” His obsession led to him unlocking new powers no other speedster has possessed. These newfound abilities range from giving speed to other objects, generating a force field, and a healing factor that could rival Wolverine’s.

Even thought Savitar is another speedster and there are no shortages of those on The Flash already, but I still think he would make a great addition. He can introduce new speed powers to Barry that could possibly then be used against bigger, badder foes in the future. I also think his origin story could be filled with those subtle  Green Lantern nods; maybe, Ferris air is the testing site, just a thought.


4. Abra Kadabra


Okay, admittedly I picked this one just because I want to hear Cisco say Abra Kadabra, but the villain is no slouch and could prove to be a true adversary for Barry’s crew down the line. In the comics Abra Kadabra is a villain from the 64th century, where technology is so advanced it would appear as magic to anyone in the present day.

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On the show they have multiple options with the character, as they could have him be from the 64th century to continue the time traveling trend. They could tie him to what’s happening in Arrow and make him an actual sorcerer. Either way Abra Kadabra could bring cool mysticism to The Flash and give us another “Cold As Ice” moment except this time with, well you get the reference.


3. Black Racer

black racerblack racer11

Even though the Black Racer is one of DC’s craziest characters, we may actually be really close to him making some kind of appearance on The Flash.  The reason I say this is because in the comics Black Racer is “the god of death.”  A frightening character that changes the course of any story-line when he appears.  The Black Racer is nothing to F*#K with!  Riding cosmic skies and donning cosmic armor The Black Racer is an immortal messenger of the universe that brings death with every touch.

Black racer flash

Earlier, I mention that we may be close to seeing this character show up on The Flash.  See, in the recent comic book story-line, Justice League: Darkseid War, the Black Racer was summoned by the Anti-Monitor to kill DC’s biggest villain Darkseid.  After he slayed the god of Apokolips the Black Racer then possessed The Flash, making him the new God of Death.  Look familiar [photo above]?  What if Zoom on CW’s The Flash is actually a version of Barry Allen that has been possessed by the Black Racer? Mind blown! It’s totally an out there theory, but if it turned out to to be true, the Berlanti gang deserves every award ever.


2. Owlman


This villain maybe more suited for Arrow, but until they start introducing the concept of the multi-verse, like The Flash, he’ll remain on this villain list for now. Owlman, a member of the evil Justice League, or as they’re called on Earth 3 [their home universe], The Crime Syndicate. Owlman is their evil Batman, the most sinister, unforgiving and murderous out of all the league counterparts. Like, his more heroic doppelgänger Batman, he will stop at nothing to win even if that means destroying everything.  Owlman, is Thomas Wayne Jr., the older brother of Bruce Wayne, in his reality he had an extreme disdain for his parents due to their abusive nature.  After their deaths, either by his hand or another (depending on which version) he turns to a life of crime with the vigor of the Cape Crusader.

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Honestly, I think Owlman would make a great addition to The Flash, as it would allow for us to get a Batman-esque character on the small screen.  A threat that will give Barry a whole new set of challenges, I mean he would essentially be fighting against Batman!  Not a huge villain request to make, considering we will be seeing Owlman’s Crime Syndicate compatriot Death Storm on a future episode.


1. Mirror Master


Okay this one is a bit of a cheat, we know he’s on his way to The Flash in the near future; but seriously where the hell is Mirror Master already?  A super villain who can use reflections and light to their greatest ability, Mirror Master has been one of The Flash’s greatest foes from the mythos. He has the ability to hypnotize, become invisible, produce holograms, perform physical transformation and travel across dimensions.  Everything a murderous thief needs to be successful.

Sam Scudder is a screwed and ruthless thief, outside of Reverse-Flash, he probably hates the Scarlet Speedster more than any other rogue. Scudder loves traps and has no problem risking innocent lives to get his loot and take-down The Flash. Mirror Master is a villain must have for The Flash, and even though we’ve been told that Scudder is headed to the show; I just want him to be here already. Barry Allen needs to take a real look into the mirror.

mm 1

Mirror Master is just as synonymous with The Flash as Captain Cold, Heatwave, Golden Glider or Captain Boomerang all of whom we have already seen in the Berlanti-verse; so again I ask, where the hell is Mirror Master? I understand that his power is probably the most difficult to explain and costly to portray on screen.  All I ask is that when Mirror Master does make his grand entrance, for the writers to go all out and give him a strong, villainous story arc.

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