Total War Warhammer 2 preview special

Sep 27, 2017


A day out from the launch of Total War Warhammer 2 we wanted to put together a guide featuring several videos showing off the coming doom. The four new races are the sinister Dark Elves, the cold blooded Lizard Men, the subterranean Skaven and the noble High Elves. Creative Assembly has kept our mouths watering with several videos featuring each race as well one showing off some of the new mounts and much more. We also know that post launch Creative Assembly is releasing a patch called the Mortal World that will see the Old and New World combined into one grand map featuring all playable races! Creative Assembly has also given the world map a big upgrade as well as new resources for the new races. Each race features completely different play styles including the High and Dark Elves that share no more than the points of their ears. The Skaven may be the most unique of any race in the Total War catalog with their use of droppings and their ability to lay stealthily in ruined settlements until closely scouted. The Lizardmen with their dinosaurs ready to be rode into battle may have the best large units of any race from parts 1 or 2. For me the High Elves look to be my early on favorites with their pristine shimmering armor and their highly disciplined soldiers ready to defend the Vortex down to the last unit. Enjoy these clips as the time draws near for worlds to collide old and new.