Total War Warhammer 2: Rise of the Tomb Kings launch stream and review

Feb 17, 2018


The Rise of the Tomb Kings represents the first dlc from Creative Assembly for their critically acclaimed smash hit Total War Warhammer 2. The people at Creative assembly went all out with their design and implementation of this truly daunting race. The first thing that you realize when playing with them is that they require no army upkeep and no funds to enlist the help of their ancient Egyptian inspired agents of death and destruction. Instead recruiting new units is tied to the chain of buildings that you command constructed and their upgrades. The further you upgrade your building chain the more access you have to awe inspiring units like the Warsphynx whose presence alone is enough to send some scurrying into the desert heat. Unit caps likewise can be increased through upgrades and research options. The Tomb Kings provide a completely unique play style from any of the preexisting races in Warhammer 1 or 2. The artistry of the Tomb King’s Pyramids, buildings, and units is one that completely immerses you in your quest to reclaim glory from the decadence and decay of eons bygone. The Tombs Kings DLC is an example of the meticulous care that Creative Assembly takes when creating a new race and how they fit into this vibrant, living world of conquest and parlay.

Score 9.5