Transformers: Shattered glass #1 (Review)

Aug 24, 2021

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Transformers: Shattered glass #1

The Transformers franchise has various continuities and universes and keeping up on them can be both rewarding and challenging. Fortunately, Danny Lore’s Transformers Shattered Glass focuses on Blurr and Starscream creates a rewarding introduction for this mirror universe tale.

By: IDW Publishing

Written by: Danny Lore
Art by: Guido Guidi
Inks by: John Wycough
Colors by: John-Paul Bove

Transformers Shattered Glass is an alternative universe similar to Star Trek‘s mirror universe. The Autobots are the evil, controlling empire. The Decepticons are the freedom-fighting revolutionaries. This switched universe first appeared as part of a toy promotional in 2008 but has not been explored in depth. Danny Lore sets this story well past the war between the Autobots and Decepticons. While Autobots won, over time Cybertron was divided into three factions. The three factions and associated territories create a bleak, war-torn world. Blurr is a bounty hunter doing jobs for multiple factions until Starscream becomes his next target.

Danny Lore uses Blurr as the narrator for this issue. This structure allows Lore to provide a backstory and explain the mirror universe setting. The focus on Blurr also shifts the perspective of who is good and evil in this tale. Fans are familiar with Blurr as the good guy and Starscream as the villain. However, the story twists those expectations and creates a new Transformers experience. Lore sets up an interesting story arc in this opening chapter.

Artist Guido Guidi is a long-time Transformer artist. Since 2005, Guidi’s worked on Transformer books and he evokes a classic Generation 1 style that fits perfectly with this alternate universe. His knowledge and comfort with the franchise allow small references to populate the background. Consequently, some well-known Transformers show up in the background in Shattered Glass.

Shattered Glass

Jumping into a Transformers title can be difficult given the ongoing storylines and multiple books. However, Danny Lore’s Transformers Shattered Glass is accessible for new readers and a rewarding twist for fans. This first issue introduces the world and provides readers the ability to cheer on Starscream.

Score 8

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