Trial of The Amazons #1: DC Comics Review

Mar 8, 2022

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Trial Of The Amazons #1 Cover A Regular Jim Cheung Cover (Trial Of The Amazons Part 1)

It’s about damn time the Amazonians got more world-building! I can’t believe we get to see them ALL together in this event! Truly, this event has been more than a long time coming. Are YOU ready for Trial of The Amazons? After reading issue 1, I know I am!

DC Comics
Written by: Stephanie Williams, Vita Ayala, Joëlle Jones, Michael Conrad, Becky Cloonan
Art by: Skylar Patridge, Laura Braga, Elena Casagrande, Joëlle Jones

A Near-Perfect First Issue

As a huge fan of the Nubia and The Amazons limited series, this first issue couldn’t have been more perfect. Not only does it set the tone for the Trial of The Amazons event, but it sets Nubia as the new focal point of the Amazonian world. The events of Nubia and The Amazons MATTER! YES!

The Amazonians are all getting together for a grand contest on Themyscira, but surely it cannot be that simple. Surely, something else is afoot. Is it Medusa, from the Nubia and The Amazons line? Is it Hippolyta, back from her time with the Justice League? Or will it be individuals such as Diana or Yara Flor that cause more problems?

There is SO much tension throughout this issue and so many different threads at play, it could be hard to keep up with, but if you’ve read any current Wonder Woman or Amazonian book, it isn’t. It feels like a beautiful evolution for a world that should be as big as the BatFam by now.  This isn’t a cheap book DC threw on the shelves just for some representation; this is a world and story that have needed to be told for AGES. It’s glorious!

Nubia: The Heart of The Amazons

While it’s great to see more individuals and groups such as Donna Troy, Hippolyta, and even the Bana-Mighdall, I can’t help but still be thrilled and shook with how centerfold Nubia is in this universe. Williams and Ayala do the most amazing job writing her and that carries over to this event perfectly. 

There are some beautiful moments with Nubia and Diana that, in my honest opinion, truly solidify Nubia as the Amazonian leader to watch from now on. Yes, Diana will always be Diana, but Nubia? She’s on the rise folks, and she’s not going anywhere!

TRial of The Amazons: An Event That Is Not Only Great, But Absolutely Necessary

The other stories from other lines synchronize naturally with Nubia and The Amazons. It doesn’t feel like they are forcing Yara Flor, Hippolyta, Diana, or others back just for an event. It feels like this event is necessary, which is honestly hard to do. ALL the writers of ALL these combined creative teams make it seem like they’ve been working together seamlessly for years. The characters and story don’t jump around too much and the pacing and tone of the book are consistent. I can’t say enough how impressed I am that an event with this many creatives on it is this well put together! These teams truly care about building up the Wonder/Amazonian-Verse for the long run and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Art That Sets A New Standard Of Quality In DC

The art of Trial of The Amazons #1 is near perfect. Bam. Point-Blank, magnificent. WOMEN. Did I say women? WOMEN. 10/10 on the art. I could look at it for days! DC, the creative talent you have on this book? You should keep them all around as long as humanly possible! Even if you aren’t well-versed in all the current Wonder/Amazonian-Verse lore, you could buy this book just off its art itself. Wow!

An Ending That Guarantees You Need Issue 2!

As mentioned earlier, there is SO much tension and build-up throughout Trial of The Amazons #1. By the ending, I couldn’t believe that last page. They got me so focused on everything else happening, I forgot one of the most important things. You magnificent, cruel writers, you! Got distracted in perfection!

If you’re an event person, you NEED this book. If you’re not an event person, you NEED this book. Trial of The Amazons #1 is finally giving the Wonder/Amazonian-Verse the spotlight it deserves and I can’t get enough of it!