Tyler’s Best of 2014 List

Dec 22, 2014

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I’m new to Geeks with Wives, but I do know a lot about what went on this year. There was a lot of great geeky stuff this year, but I did manage to boil it down to a few best of in some of my favourite categories.

Best TV Show of the year: Star Wars Rebelsstar-wars-rebels-spark-rebellion
For those of us craving new Star Wars content, while having to wait a year for The Force Awakens to premiere, Rebels is a great feast that has just begun. The characters are brilliantly designed and amazing. The relationships the characters build with each other are fantastic and engaging while the animation is beautiful. Rebels will also spin out new content, like a comic book based on one of the character’s time in the Clone Wars which is slated for 2015. Currently the show is on hiatus until January so it’s the perfect time to catch up.

*Runner-up: Constantine


Best Movie of the Year: Captain America: The Winter SoldierCapt. Amer TWS (640x400)
This movie was fantastic, it changed the entire of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in less than three hours and was a great Captain America movie. Having this movie be part spy thriller, part action movie was a great idea and was executed very well. The reveal at the end of this movie was a wonderful and planned out plot twist and spun into the Agents of Shield TV show. Captain America: The Winter Soldier also makes me extremely excited that the Russo brothers will be directing Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2. I cannot wait for more from the Marvel Universe.

*Runner-up: Big Hero 6


Best Comic of the Year: The Wicked and the DivineTheWickedAndDivine_02-1
Unlike Stephen and Everett, I’m not choosing Spider-Verse as my comic for the year. I really do love Spider-verse (far more than Axis), and it has a parallel universes which are one of my favourite things to explore ever, simply because of all the possibilities it poses and opens up for writers to explore. However, The Wicked and the Divine is a great comic in of its self. Every 90 years, gods across from all pantheons appear on Earth and they’ve returned 2014. The gods live only for two years before they die and the cycle starts again. It’s a great concept and deals with many topics, and the characters and worldbuilding with the gods is amazing. If you haven’t read it yet, you can pick up the first trade and I would suggest that you do so.

*Runner-up: Spider-verse event


Most anticipated Geek event of 2015: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I’m so pumped for the new Star Wars movie, I love every single thing that is coming out of the new canon and if that is any indication of what is coming for the new trilogy it will be great. It will be interesting to see what the old characters have been doing since Return of the Jedi and how the new characters from Star Wars Rebels have impacted everything going forward in the timeline.

starwarsFA poster