Umbrella Corps delivers at PAX South

Feb 5, 2016

Umbrella Corps is a fast-paced 3v3 shooter from Capcom. Depending on your skill level, some rounds can take minutes or even last up to 20 seconds. I had no idea what I was in for when I got hands on at PAX South. The way this game plays, it is very reminiscent of the Counter Strike series.

“Closer Quarter battles. Really Competitive. Really quick matches.”

This game is nothing like their previous Resident Evil games. Although the maps, weapons and zombies featured are all inspired by previous Resident Evil games, it’s certainly it’s own unique entity. Again, this easily reminded me of CS or even Battlefield but with Zombies included.

One of the interesting features in this game is the ability to get a Zombie Assisted Kill. In the game you and your teammates are equipped with Zombie Jammers. So when you start the match, you’ll notice the Zombies will not start attacking you first, unless you either shoot at them or the Zombie Jammer breaks, then in that case all hell will break lose. This factor was pretty interesting as the game progressed. There was one moment when, of the two teams, only myself and one member of the opposing team were the only ones alive. During a shootout of ours, he may have accidental shot a zombie because shortly after zombies began attacking him, thus making me the winner.
That didn’t last long though, as we had a best of 5 match and only won twice. In my defense, I was playing against players who were dressed for it.

Another feature presented in the game, is whenever you have died, you are able to see a top view of the entire map. This allows players to assist their teammates in finding the enemy.

At their booth at PAX South, I was using a PS4 controller but I can’t wait to see the reaction time on this game with a mouse and keyboard. It took me a while to get used to the PS4 controls, at one point I tried using an ice axe against my enemy who had his gun drawn 5 feet away from me like a total noob.

Overall I was really impressed by the gameplay featured at the Expo. Umbrella Corps is coming out digitally for PC and PS4 this May for $29.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for it yet, Umbrella Corps released its first look back in early September:


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