Undiscovered Country #14 (REVIEW)

Jul 19, 2021


Undiscovered Country #14
Image Comics

Written by: Scott Snyder & Charles Soule
Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli & Leonardo Marcello Grassi
Colors by: Matt Wilson
Letters by: Crank!

Above all else, Undiscovered Country #14 solidifies Valentina Sandoval as one of the best characters in Scott Snyder and Charles Soule’s story. Before the latest issue of this must-read Image series, she’d proven to be one of the few members of the Graves group capable of acting with conviction while facing down the numerous bizarre twists and turns thrown their way.

But Valentina takes things another step further in Undiscovered Country #14. In the prior issue, she found herself alone, facing one of the stranger developments this group has dealt with so far. And in the course of the Graves company’s search for her in this new zone of possibility, things get very meta.

Now, pretty much all of Undiscovered Country is meta, but the bit I’m talking about from Undiscovered Country #14 is next-level and a little more obvious. Good or bad, those moments always stand out to readers. In this instance, the bit we get from Ace Kenyatta was excellent — a fun moment for any comic book reader.

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Undiscovered Country #14 does have a few moments that are a bit confusing, specifically one flashback that seems to contradict another we got last issue. Snyder and Soule move past that moment pretty quickly, but I can’t help but wonder if we’ll get more on that in the coming issues since they’ve addressed a certain character’s background in back-to-back issues.

Score: 9

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