Universal and Illumination in Talks for The Legend of Zelda Movie

Jun 13, 2023

The Legend of Zelda

There is some exciting news in the world of video game adaptations. Reports suggest that Universal and Illumination Entertainment is in negotiations to bring The Legend of Zelda to the big screen. That’s right, the studios behind the highly successful Super Mario Bros. Movie will once again be collaborating on another iconic Nintendo franchise.

Using the combination of live-action and animation to bring the popular video game characters to life, Super Mario Bros. Movie has been a ground breaking success since its release. Now Universal and Illumination Entertainment have reportedly set their sights on The Legend of Zelda as their next big venture. Both studios are collaborating with Nintendo to kickstart the development of a feature film centering around the expansive and fantastical world of Hyrule. Though no party has made an official confirmation, this topic was recently mentioned on an episode of the popular insider podcast “The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha”. This is leading to immense excitement among fans of the video game series and 2023’s Super Mario Bros. Movie.

A deal would position Illumination Entertainment as a significant player in the realm of video game adaptations. Successful franchises like Despicable Me, Minions, and The Secret Life of Pets already have established Illumination Entertainment as a powerhouse in the animated film industry. The Legend of Zelda would not only solidify their position but also showcase an ability to translate beloved video game properties to the silver screen.

The Legend of Zelda, created by renowned game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, first debuted in 1986. It has since become one of Nintendo’s most beloved and enduring franchises. For the unfamiliar, the series of follows Link on a quest to defeat the malevolent Ganon and rescue Princess Zelda. Often earning praise for its potential as a cinematic experience, The Legend of Zelda has been captivating gamers for decades with its rich mythology, immersive storytelling, and memorable characters.

The Legend of Zelda - game footage

Bringing The Legend of Zelda to life as a feature film presents several unique challenges. With sprawling world, fantastical creatures, and intricate narrative arcs, the studios have a vast canvas with which to work. The games also feature a distinct art style and iconic music. The studios will need to effectively translate the game’s visuals and symphonics to the big screen.

Super Mario Bros. Movie proves that video game adaptations can resonate with gamers and the general audience. The film’s success stems from the studios handling the source material with care and respect. Not only were fans of all ages delighted by the engaging storyline but gamers got nostalgia-inducing elements. The result is a box office hit. Universal and Illumination can apply this same technique to The Legend of Zelda. And again deliver a film that satisfies longtime fans and creates new ones.

As negotiations continue, fans eagerly await updates on the potential development of The Legend of Zelda movie. If this project moves forward it will mark a significant moment for video game adaptations. It will also raise the bar for future video game adaptations. With Universal, Illumination, and Nintendo’s combined talent and creative vision The Legend of Zelda has the potential to become a monumental cinematic experience. This will transport audiences into the fantastical realm of Hyrule like never before.