Update: World of Warcraft Cataclysm – Rage of the Firelands

Aug 6, 2011


After awaiting the arrival of another installment in the world of Azeroth I was pleasantly surprised to see new challenges, loot and of course the culmination of a story that began in vanilla with the raid Molten Core and it’s fiery denizens including non other than the Firelord Ragnaros. He is also part of a lengthy quest chain in the recently released Cataclysm expansion at the end of the Mt. Hyjal zone. You and a list of heroes from Warcraft lore battle the Firelord and send him back to the realm of fire, apparently his departure was short-lived.

In 4.2 – Rage of the Firelands, you and a group of friends or raid members go to the realm of fire to do business with Ragnaros on his own turf. The battle is a three stage slug fest against chaotic attacks, adds, bouncing boulders of death and the intense heat around you. You thought frogger in Naxx was bad, or dodging the flame waves in Obsidium Sanctum, this battle proves even more challenging in execution and it may not be a bad idea to switch your camera angles to a top-down view to give yourself a fighting chance.

And of course for those that may not be aware, World of Warcraft is free to play up until lv 20 and there are various other limitations for people playing the trial game. For example you cannot invite others into a party with you, can’t talk in trade, you might as well not go to the auction house because you can’t sell anything or retrieve things from your mailbox. With that being said the experience which once was too much for some is now free and you can play to your hearts content, buy a mount and explore dungeons to find elusive treasure and experience the well polished world that captivated so many. We’ll see what else Blizzard can conjure in the world of Azeroth why we wait patiently for cough* Diablo 3! <- please Blizzard, please god.